The Challenge: Ad Campaign Spy

Want to know what are the best performing ad campaigns of your competitor? It’s pretty hard to keep track of how many ads they are running on each landing or the product page. In addition to that, it will be helpful to know what are the ad keywords that your competitor is bidding on. We at AdSpyder launched a new feature “Ad Campaign Spy” this will give you insights into all of the above things. Here is how you can make use out of it

1. AdSpyder Campaign Spy

Ad Campaign Spy

Login to the AdSpyder dashboard and search for any URL. It will then display all the ads that are running by that particular site. Navigate to the Google text ads and hover to any of the ad copies. Click on the 3 dots to view the campaign page. This will show all of the active ads for that single URL. You can then click on the “Campaign Detail” page to analyze the below metric. As of now, this feature is limited to Google search ads and it will be made available to all of the other ad platforms

2. View the meta title and description

View the meta title and description

Once you view the View campaign page, it will then display all of the active ad copies of that particular landing page. You can now view the variations of every ad copy by accessing their title and descriptions. Also, sort by popularity to know the best performing ad copy on any campaign. Replicate the similar approach as your competitor and make better ad copies with the converting meta title and descriptions

3. Number of Ads on each campaign

Nuber of ads on each campaign

When you visit the Campaign detail page it will give you insights into the

  • Landing page URL
  • Number of ads  

  • Competitor ad keywords  

  • Impressions and position over time  

 This info will be available on every campaign detail page. You will be able to view the number of ad copies from that URL.  

4. Analyze the competitor Ad keywords

The campaign detail page offers deep insights into the competitor ad keywords. You can view the metrics such as converting keywords, clicks, and the percentage of each search term.

Ad Campaign Spy

5. Impressions and Positions over time

Impressions and Position over time

In addition to the keyword, you can analyze the campaign performance over time. This will include the impressions and ad position on each day. Click on more to view the recorded ad impression on any active day. This will be followed by the ad position for that particular day.

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