The Challenge

Are you the affiliate marketer or the network that’s offering affiliate? Then you can maximize your conversions or find the publishers that are brand bidding. It’s hard to keep the track of how others are doing their affiliate marketing sales. So, we at AdSpyder will give you insights into the hidden strategy of affiliate promotions and help you monitor it better for your own campaign.

Let’s dig deeper into why AdSpyder should be your tool for affiliate marketing strategies

1. What all you can do with AdSpyder

This case study will be divided into two parts. As affiliate marketing sales will be offered by the networks and promotions will be done by the publishers. We have curated the use cases for both of them. As a network, you can see which are the publishers that are violating your offer terms. As a publisher, you can spy on your competition to see what’s their ad strategies and top winning products of any category

2. Search the Publisher ID

If you are a network that wants to spy on how your publisher is bringing you the sales then you can use their Publisher ID or their domain name to make a search on AdSpyder Dashboard. It will then display the results of ads that are running by that individual. Later you can navigate to different networks to view all of their active ads. On top of it, the ad detail page will give you the information of paid keywords, their landing page screenshots

3. Find Brand Bidding (Search with Negative keywords list)

AdSpyder ad detail page will give you the list of paid keywords. This is one way to find the negative keywords of your particular campaign. Or you can directly search the negative keywords in the AdSpyder dashboard to see the list of sites that are doing the brand bidding. You can also refine the results based on the popularity, last published dates, and more. View our documentation on the ad detail page for a better understanding of filters.

4. See where the Ad is being shown

This feature is available for Display ads. Search for your affiliate campaign URL to see where the ad is being present.

Moreover, AdSpyder’s all-encompassing platform also displays the screenshots of the webpage you are redirected to. This could be a game-changer for your product display strategies and promotional offers.

5. Top-selling Products (Best Affiliate marketing strategies)

View the top-selling products from any category or shopping site. Just enter the name of the store or category and then sort by popularity to find the winning products.

6. Spy on other Publishers

Want to know what your rival is up to? Then search for their domain or the website name on adspyder to discover their paid promotional strategies. 

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