The Challenge

There’s no dearth of weight loss players out there. Don’t believe this? Start counting the number of weight-loss advertisements you see on the internet. So if you want your weight loss ad campaigns to stand out, you need to do something different.

Moreover, you cannot rely on “before-after” transformation creatives. Facebook doesn’t allow it and the approach is treated as a violation in nearly every network. So how do you conjure eye-catching advertisements for your weight loss offerings?

AdSpyder, an ad intelligence platform that provides insights into millions of online ads from 100+ countries, is your way forward.

Let’s dig deeper into why AdSpyder should be your tool to create Weight loss ad

1. AdSpyder: Spy on Competitor Ads

Are you offering any weight loss strategies or services? and want to know what weight loss-oriented advertisements your rival is running? Perform a search for the term “weight loss” on AdSpyder to see ads pertaining to Weight loss products or services. What’s more, AdSpyder captures ads from different sources such as Google Ecom, Facebook, GDN. Bing, and many more. You get access to these weight loss ads’ creatives as well as significant metrics.

2. Identify The Advertisements That Matter

We start with signing into the AdSpyder dashboard. Once logged in, let’s see which weight loss ads are trending at the moment. Key in terms such as weight loss, diet plan for weight loss, and weight loss exercises to view these ads.

  • Use the country filter to prioritize countries where the ads trend, or don’t.
  • Identify the languages in which the advertisements are displayed. 
  • If you want to revisit certain advertisements at some point in time, simply add them to the wish list.

3. Pick Your Target Platform

  • Facebook: 2000+ ad copies of weight loss ads as seen on Facebook show up. 
  • Google Ecom: More than 2000 shopping ads pop up for the “weight loss” keyword. 
  • Google Search: 5000+ accurateweight loss-related advertisements are available for your perusal.
  • Display: Enter your competitor’s URL to see their Display ads.
  • ‘Pinterest: Borrow ideas for the ad creatives you want to roll out.

4. Finalize An Ad Format

Three advertisements are the most popular when it comes to promotions: Search ads, Display ads, and Shopping ads.

Moreover, AdSpyder’s all-encompassing platform also displays the screenshots of the webpage you are redirected to. This could be a game-changer for your product display strategies and promotional offers.

5. Keyword Targeting (Converting Keywords, Audience Interests)

Let’s develop a robust keyword targeting plan in conjunction with AdSpyder. Use Google Keyword Planner to first shortlist all keywords related to weight loss or diet plan. Now utilize AdSpyder to check if the Google Search ads that appeal to you incorporate these keywords. If they do find a mention, voila! You now have a template for your own ads.

Why not spy on the converting keywords used by your opponents? Pinpoint the top search ads within your industry or target segment through AdSpyder. Now check the advertisement details provided by the tool to see the keywords they are bidding on.
Cash in on this information to increase your bids and drive conversions by optimizing campaigns.

6. Demographic & Geographic 

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