The Challenge: Shopify Dropshipping

If you’re wondering why those ads meant to bring users to your Shopify store aren’t achieving anything, you are most likely not using ad analytics to design your advertising strategies. If you’re scratching your head over that rival’s seemingly amazing Shopify ads, it’s because you don’t have an eagle eye on their advertisements. If this situation resonates with you as a Shopify store owner, you could make use of AdSpyder. For the unversed, AdSpyder is an intelligence tool that provides critical insights into millions of online advertisements from around the world.

Let’s dig deeper into why AdSpyder should be in a Shopify store owner’s toolkit:

1. Search And View Your Competitor Ads

Are you selling headphones and want to know what headphone-oriented advertisements your rival is running? Perform a search for the term “headphones” on AdSpyder to see ads pertaining to headphones. What’s more, AdSpyder captures ads from different sources such as Google Ecom, Facebook, GDN. Bing, and many more. You get access to these headphone ads’ creatives as well as significant metrics.

If you want to drill down to a particular competitor’s headphones ads, simply switch to AdSpyder’s URL-based search mechanism. For instance, searching with the domain name yields advertisements shown by headphonezone. The tool also offers multiple filters to help you narrow down to the desired ads.

2. View Product Creatives

AdSpyder’s Display ads dashboard exhibits ad creatives from several networks. Users can save this creatives as well. The advantage? Take cues from these attention-grabbing ad creatives when you design your ad copy.

3. Find Products That Are A Cut Above The Rest

Not sure what kind of Apple iPhone mobile case is winning hearts right now? No worries! Use AdSpyder’s Google Ecom Ads/Bing Ecom Ads to view product listing advertisements and filter them based on popularity. This you can apply for Shopify dropshipping stores or any Ecom stores in general.

4. View Top Landing Pages

The approach listed below lets you find your rival’s top landing pages.

Moreover, AdSpyder’s all-encompassing platform also displays the screenshots of the webpage you are redirected to. This could be a game-changer for your product display strategies and promotional offers.

5. Spy On The Paid Keywords That Rake In Money And Traffic

AdSpyder’s Google Search Ads platform lays out all the data you need from an ad copy: title, description, targeted keywords, and the geographical locations where the ad appears. Cash in on this information to outbid your competitor as far as keywords are concerned, and generate mind-numbing sales in the process. Capitalize on the title and descriptions provided to craft your ad copies with awe-inspiring Call to Actions (CTA).

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