The Challenge: Spy on Competitor Ads

Are you struggling to beat the bigshots in your segment? Do you want to know your competitor’s working strategy? If yes, this guide should serve the purpose. Most of your competitor’s business or promotional strategies remains confined to the internal teams. The secret sauce behind Industry-level ad campaigns is no different. So how do you get your hands on your rival’s online advertising strategies? The answer is AdSpyder, a tool that keeps track of all of your competitors’ paid ads, keywords, top landing pages, and their winning products.

Let’s dig deeper into why AdSpyder should be your tool to spy on competitor ads

1. AdSpyder- Advertisement Insights Simplified

Online advertising is critical to the success of any organization, big or small. However, creating ripple-generating ads isn’t easy. Hundreds of ads target the same keywords, regurgitate the same creatives in one way or the other, and fail to stand out.

AdSpyder captures important metrics and information on such advertisements which in turn can be leveraged to strategize advertising strategies that grab attention.

2. AdSpyder Through An Example

Think of “HeadPhone Zone” as your rival, the company that’s giving your emerging audio equipment startup sleepless nights. HeadPhone Zone has been able to bring in customers through witty, enticing online ads. You want to study its advertisement approach and have an AdSpyder subscription on disposal. Let’s get started!

3. Getting Started

Login to the AdSpyder dashboard, if you haven’t already. Now, search for the “Headphone Zone” keyword to see the advertisements this company has released. The results panel gets populated with ad cards.

Tip: Use the “exact match” toggle to view only those ads containing the search term, i.e., Headphone Zone.

And we have just touched the tip of AdSpyder’s capabilities. The platform supports multiple platforms such as Facebook ads and YouTube ads, among others. Let’s see the ads Headphone Zone has put up on these platforms.

  • Google Search: Shows Headphone Zone ads that appear on Google’s search engine.
  • Google Ecom: Presents product listings.
  • Youtube Ads: Advertisements Headphone Zone runs on YouTube.
  • Facebook Ads: See the ads Headphone Zone displays on Facebook.
  • Display Ads or GDN: The collection of display ads seen on the Google Display Network and Native Ads Network.

You may also use Headphone Zone’s website URL to conduct the search. This is the recommended way to find ads belonging to an independent publisher. This is the best way to find all of the ads that belong to one independent publisher.

4. View Product Creatives 

Understanding how Headphone Zone leverages paid media isn’t that difficult if one can access its ad creatives. Use our extensive ad creatives repository to fine-tune your own approach.

Note: Currently available for Display ads and Ecom ads only.

Our customers have reported more clicks on their ads and improved ROIs on their ad creative implementations.

Moreover, when you spy on competitor ads you can view their ad creatives, ad copies that include meta titles, description,s and see the keywords which are they bidding on.

5. Winning Products and Landing Pages 

Let’s figure out Headphone Zone’s best products. We can do this by applying the filters supported by AdSpyder.

  • For Google Ecom Ads: Search >> Sort by Popularity
  • For Bing Ecom Ads: Search >> Sort by Popularity

Time to identify Headphone Zone’s top landing pages. There are two ways of achieving this:

  • Google Search: Search >> Sort by Popularity
  • Display ads: Search >> Sort by Appearance

6. Competitor Ad Campaign Decoded

We understand how important information is. As a result, AdSpyder offers detailed information on the advertisements. Available for Text ads, Display ads, Facebook ads, and Ecom ads, the following information can be derived from these details:

  • Paid Keywords.
  • Lander page screenshot.
  • Countries where the ad is currently active.
  • Product price for Ecom ads.
  • List of websites where the Display ads appear.

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