Bing Ads Spy Tool

Our Bing Ads Spy tool lets you access millions of advertisements and provides insights into your competitor’s Bing ads. Bing Ads Spy gives you:

  • Access to ad creatives, ad copies, descriptions, keywords, ad spend, and much more.

  • Analysis on advertisement-related traffic to identify impressions share, demographics, and target audience.

  • Data on all kinds of advertisements: generic, display, search, ecommerce, and banners.

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What is Bing Ads?

Bing is a search engine run by Microsoft. It is the most widely used platform in the world, after Google. Bing has become immensely popular as an advertising medium and hosts:

  • Search ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Ecom ads

Bing Ads Spy on Competitor Campaigns

Get in-depth Bing competitor ads analysis to know what advertising strategy works or has worked for your peers. Use those ideas and tactics to create high-quality ad copies that put your competitors to shame

It’s now possible to rank for every possible search query made by potential customers. Spy on Bing ad keywords to have all your relevant terms packed in your content.

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Up Your Bing Advertising Strategy With AdSpyder

Global Ad Creatives

Our library contains millions of ad creatives at your disposal.

Boost Conversion rate

Create ads that your in-market audience cannot ignore and maximize conversions.

Increase your ROI

Spy on competitor’s ad spends to optimize your budgets.

Bing PPC Ads Spy

Analyze competitors’ PPC campaigns to know what strategy works the best.

Bing Banner Ad Spy Tool

Evaluate the existing banner ads hosted on Bing to improve your designs.

Bing Search Ads Spy

All of your competitors’ search ad copies under one roof.

Top Advertisers on Bing

Cannot identify the advertisers who are acing Bing? The AdSpyder team has curated a list of the top advertisers based on ad count, spend, and frequency. Use this list to assess their ad copies, ad creatives, top landing pages, and paid keywords using AdSpyder’s powerful dashboard.

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Use the AdSpyder tool for free in the first month. We provide free support and consultation to create a promotional strategy for your business.

“Never thought this type of tool can actually automate the promotional methods of my startup. It can give you insights on already working marketing techniques so that you can replicate or redo it for better results..”

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