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Whom do I talk to for my queries?2020-12-01T07:02:32+00:00

You can mail your queries to or visit the contact us page.

How do I get a demo?2020-12-01T07:03:51+00:00

Complete the Free Demo form and we will reach out to you shortly.

Who should use AdSpyder?2020-12-01T07:08:21+00:00

Individuals and organizations running ads to promote their products, brands, and services will benefit from AdSpyder. Adspyder helps gather your competitor’s ad intelligence, analyze your rival’s ads, and craft superior advertising/marketing strategies.

Why use Adspyder?2020-12-01T07:07:41+00:00

AdSpyder provides advertisement-related data that matters the most. And it is not about just analytics; AdSpyder ensures you have the necessary metrics and numbers in hand to craft the best advertising strategies.

Picasso said, “good artists copy; great artists steal.” Steve Jobs made the statement popular back in 1996. He knew innovation was the result of borrowed inspiration and making someone else’s idea one’s own.   

The motivation behind AdSpyder is along the same lines. There are a plethora of advertisement analytics platforms. We bridge the gaps in them through AdSpyder.

What platforms does Adspyder cover?2020-12-01T06:28:02+00:00

We cover Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display Network, Bing, desktop display, desktop native, mobile display, native ads, and Yahoo!

Can I get a free trial ?2021-11-10T12:12:18+00:00

Yes, you can. It is a limited-time offer. The free trial is limited to one week. You need to enter your credit card details to claim the trial offer.

Will I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the product?2021-11-10T12:12:39+00:00

Yes. We offer a satisfaction guarantee of 7 days. If you’re not happy with your subscription during the first two weeks, send an email to