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Google Ads Spy

Check on your Competitor’s ads with the Google Ads Spy library.

  • Get ad copy, headlines, descriptions, clicks, impressions, ad spend, and much more.

  • View their reach and target demographic.

  • Search and analyze the data on generic ads, display ads, YouTube ads, and shopping ads.

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What is Google Ads?

Google ads is the most used ad network. The reason being Google can offer any type of ad promotions. Whether it can be a text ad, display ad or shopping ad. Google got it covered all. Any individual can create and run the ads. Later you can track the desired conversions or build the audience list to start the remarketing ad. Here are the advantages of google ads

  • Increase product sales

  • Gain website visitors

  • Create the brand awareness

Google Competitor Analysis

Google Ads Competitor Analysis

There are 4 search ads for a keyword on average. On top of it, there are display ads and YouTube ads. Consequently, analysis of your rival’s Google ads takes extensive time and effort.

In the world of Google search campaigns, keywords can make or break the deal. Find out the keywords & campaign strategies your competitors are incorporating and use them to your advantage with our Adwords competitor analysis

Spy on Competitor Paid Keywords

With the help of Google search we will be able to assign a certain set of keywords for which the ad is being appeared. Later these keywords will be clubbed with the landing page URL of each different ad. All of these are the paid keywords of your competitor for which they are targeting. Later bid on the same keywords to drive the conversions to your site.

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See Competitor’s Google Ads

Google’s advertising platform has search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, shopping ads, app ads, and discovery ads.

See what your rivals are doing with their Google ads. Google Ads Spy keeps you ahead in the race.

  • Design effective creative strategies.
  • Enhance your digital media plan
  • Transform  Ad campaigns
  • Grow your Business

80% Of Businesses Wish They Had Started Sooner

AdSpyder’s subscription comes with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. You are entitled to a refund if the product does not
meet your expectations within the initial two weeks of usage.

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How does adspyder help you to analyze and optimize the Google ads spy matrix ?

Ad Cost Intelligence

Know your competitor’s Google ad campaign cost to allocate budget accordingly and bring in more ROI.

Ad Analytics

Receive insights into the number of impressions, clicks, and other metrics of a particular ad campaign.

Google AdWords Spy Tool

Spy on Competitor Adwords to improve your Google Ads strategy and boost conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization

Analyze competitors’ PPC campaigns to know what strategy works the best.

Global Ad Creatives

Largest ad creatives library. Search and you shall find.

Keywords Intelligence

Find out the search terms along with the messaging that drive traffic to your rivals.

Top advertisers on Google

Want to know the top performers of Google ads? We have curated the top advertisers based on their ads count, ad spent and frequency. You can search for the advertiser name on AdSpyder dashboard to view their complete ad copies, ad creatives, top landing pages and paid keywords

Join over 10,000+ SMEs already using AdSpyder

Join over 10,000+ SMEs
already using AdSpyder

“It’s a perfect tool to analyze your competitor ads. It provides structure to a new business without controlling it.”

~Shubham K

“AdSpyder became a selling point for my agency. We can quickly analyze and run the campaigns accordingly”

~Shreyas Puttige


“Never thought this type of service exists in the market. It can automate strategy & planning for your business”


Frequently Asked Question’s

What makes AdSpyder the most accurate PPC ad spying tool?2022-12-05T09:52:27+00:00

Because AdSpyder provides in-depth and accurate ad details for competitors, that gives you an extra edge to build a converting and winning ad campaign.

How many plans are available in AdSpyder’s Google adwords spy tool?2022-10-13T11:18:01+00:00

There are a total of three plans available. Basic, standard, and premium. You can make your selection based on your requirements.

What data does the Google ads Checker provide?2022-10-13T11:17:36+00:00

AdSpyder’s Google Ads Checker provides you with very important ad details like targeted countries, Google ad positions, date-wise ad impressions, and search keywords.

Can I check the total number of Google ads of my competitors for any particular keyword?2022-10-13T11:17:22+00:00

Yes you can. Using AdSpyder’s online ad keyword checker tool, you just need to enter any competitor keyword for which you want to know the ad number, and you will get all the details.

How to spy on the Google ads of your competitors?2022-10-13T11:43:07+00:00

If you are looking for a trusted & reliable Google ads spy tool then AdSpyder is one of the most accurate tools.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Take advantage of AdSpyder’s free trial for one month. We also provide support and consultation for your promotional strategy at no extra cost.

“Never thought this type of tool can actually automate the promotional methods of my startup. It can give you insights on already working marketing techniques so that you can replicate or redo it for better results..”

George Anderson

Digitalbox CEO

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