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Your Window to Winning Shopping Ads

AdSpyder’s Shopping Ad Spy offers a 360° view of product ads on Google and Bing. Get ahead by analysing what’s winning in your niche. From its last appearance to its pricing strategy, get all the details at your fingertips.

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Outperform your competitors with AdSpyder’s Shopping Ad Spy! 

Unravel the strategies behind every shopping ad with Shopping Ads Spy. 

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Top Advertisers on Google and Bing Shopping

If you want a list of the top advertisers who dominate Shopping ads, look no further. For more details, simply sign in to the AdSpyder dashboard and search for your preferred advertiser

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Join over 10,000+ SMEs already using AdSpyder

Join over 10,000+ SMEs
already using AdSpyder

“It’s a perfect tool to analyze your competitor ads. It provides structure to a new business without controlling it.”

~Shubham K

“AdSpyder became a selling point for my agency. We can quickly analyze and run the campaigns accordingly”

~Shreyas Puttige


“Never thought this type of service exists in the market. It can automate strategy & planning for your business”


Frequently Asked Question’s

Who should be using Google Shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:31:03+00:00

eCommerce sellers, product-based websites, and dropshippers, including all those who want to market their products through Google Shopping ads 

What are the advantages of Shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:30:37+00:00

Google Shopping Ads can drive more qualified traffic to your website and help you generate more sales. Shopping ads also increase the chance of conversion through their predictive audience. 

How to create Google shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:29:59+00:00

For creating Google shopping ads, you will need only need 2 things- Google ads account & Google merchant center. In the next step you just need to link both of these and you are ready to create your Google shopping ads campaign.  

What is Shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:29:20+00:00

Every time you search something related to a product; some ads will appear at the top of the search results page. These ads will include product specifications like color, brand name, product image, and price. 

What is Shopping ads?2022-10-14T09:49:02+00:00

Every time you search something related to a product; some ads will appear at the top of the search results page. These ads will include product specifications like color, brand name, product image, and price. 

 Dive Deep into Google and Bing Shopping Competitor Analysis with Shopping Ads Spy

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, AdSpyder’s latest feature, the “Shopping Ad Spy,” stands out as a beacon for businesses looking to understand the market better. Ever wondered how your competitors are positioning their products on platforms like Google? This tool, designed as a comprehensive google shopping ads spy tool, gives users the ability to delve into shopping ad copies both on Google and Bing. Simply by entering a search term, domain, or URL, users can instantly access ad copies just as they appear to audiences on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). 

The intricate details of each ad, be it title, image, description, or product pricing, unfold before the user. One of the most notable features is the tool’s capability for google shopping competitor analysis. With this, users can gauge how competitors strategize, right from product placement to pricing, thereby offering invaluable insights for their campaigns. For businesses interested in dropshipping, insights from google dropshipping ads can prove to be golden. Understanding market trends, especially for popular platforms like Amazon, becomes straightforward when using AdSpyder. With it, you can easily spot google shopping ads for amazon products, gaining an edge in devising your marketing strategies. 

Moreover, the feature extends its functionality with filters. Users can customize their searches based on date range, country, and even sort the results based on relevancy. Such tailored results mean businesses spend less time sifting through irrelevant data and more time strategizing. In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, tools like AdSpyder’s Shopping Ad Spy become more than just utilities; they are crucial for a brand’s success. With it, users are not only equipped to monitor but also to lead in their respective markets.