Shopping Ads Spy

Analyze your competitor’s shopping ads strategy. Bring efficacy to your ads using our Shopping Ads Spy tool.

  • Design high-quality advertisements by analyzing ad creatives, copy, expenditure, and more.

  • Spy on your competitor’s impression share, demographics, and target audience.

  • Get notified about the product listing ads published by your peers.

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What is Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads are commonly run by e-commerce platforms, Shopify stores, and the like to promote their product catalog. These ads come with the product schema, which comprises the product price, image, link, title, and other details. They are supported by networks such as Google and Bing, among others.

AdSpyder supports the following networks:

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Bing Shopping Ads

  • Amazon Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads Spy Tool

People cannot survive without online shopping. The convenience, discounts, and delivery facilities are unmatched. Hence, a stellar shopping ads campaign promotes your products to the maximum degree.

One way to achieve this is the online Shopping Ad Spy tool from AdSpyder. It allows you to analyze competitors’ shopping advertising campaigns so that you can come up with the best strategies

Google Shopping Ads Spy Tool

Have you noticed those product listings when you search for your favorite phone or laptop on Google? Despite so many online retailers out there, listings from only a few show up. Those few retailers trump others because of well-though shopping campaigns.

With AdSpyder, you can now craft marvelous shopping campaigns of your own via a comprehensive analysis of trending Google Shopping ads. Never lose sight of the advertising trends in your industry!

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Exploit The Benefits of Google Shopping Ads With AdSpyder

Competitor Shopping Ads Spy

Know what works for your competitors and what doesn’t. Moreover, keep track of their SERP rankings.

Boost Conversion rate

Create ads that your audience cannot ignore and maximize conversions.

Amazon Spy Tool

Get complete ad campaign details of your competitor’s amazon product listing ads.

Spy on Native Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads | Bing Shopping Ads | Pinterest Shopping Ads | Instagram Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads Keywords Spy

Access the keywords used by the top advertisements and don’t miss the chance to rank at the top.

Competitor traffic Analysis

Know the number of impressions and the locations from where your competitors receive traffic

Increase your ROI

Use your advertising budget more efficiently.

Google Shopping Ads Spy

Examine strategies that are effective for your peers’ Google shopping ads.

Product Ads Spy

Spy on any ecom product ads launched by your competitors.

Top Shopping Ads Advertisers

How do you scout for the top-selling products in your niche? Our Shopify case study can guide you through the steps required to find the winning products in any category or those launched by your competitor.

If you want a list of the top advertisers who dominate Shopping ads, look no further. For more details, simply sign in to the AdSpyder dashboard and search for your preferred advertiser.

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