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Everything You Need To Know about AdSpyder

What makes AdSpyder the most accurate PPC ad spying tool?2022-12-05T09:52:27+00:00

Because AdSpyder provides in-depth and accurate ad details for competitors, that gives you an extra edge to build a converting and winning ad campaign.

What are the different types or formats of native ads?2022-10-18T04:28:38+00:00

There are mainly four types of native ads- Search, social, in feed and recommended content. 

Why native advertisements are best for me?2022-10-18T04:28:03+00:00

Native ad unit performs based on various factors, including the audience’s reference source and post-click behavior. In native ads, some specific designs are really effective for advertisers and publishers, resulting in increased clicks and ad impressions. 

Why should I choose native ads?2022-10-18T04:27:29+00:00

Native advertising provides the opportunity to communicate with users in a way that they prefer. Native advertisements are also less intrusive than traditional ad formats, such as banner ads. 

What are native ads?2022-10-18T04:26:51+00:00

Native advertising is the method of creating advertisements that closely match the page’s content and are included in the design so that the user feels as if they belong there. 

Who should use Instagram ads spy tool?2022-10-17T04:42:41+00:00

Instagram ad spy tool is very helpful for marketers, online advertisers, and agencies. 

Why should I use AdSpyder’s Instagram ad spying tool?2022-10-17T04:41:37+00:00

We provide accurate Instagram ad details of your competitor. AdSpyder enables you to access the most extensive ad creatives library, which helps to create better ad creatives for Instagram ads and improves the ad quality. 


What are the advantages of using Instagram ads spy tools?2022-10-17T04:41:08+00:00

Instagram ad spying tool helps you get the ad insights of your competitor to create a winning ad campaign. 

What is Instagram Ads spy tools?2022-10-17T04:40:26+00:00

Instagram Ads Spy is useful for in-depth analysis of your competitor’s ad strategy. These tools help you know about the targeted audience, ad impressions, targeted countries, and many more important ad details on your competitor’s ads. 

Who should use YouTube ad spying tool?2022-10-17T04:38:46+00:00

This tool is very useful for online advertisers, marketers and YouTubers. 

Why should I use AdSpyder’s YouTube ad spying tool?2022-10-17T04:37:54+00:00

Apart from providing essential ad details, our YouTube ad spy tool enables you to check the ad spend on a particular YouTube ad of your competitor, which in turn will help you set the proper budget for the YouTube ad campaign. 

What are the advantages of using YouTube ads spy tool?2022-10-17T04:37:04+00:00

YouTube Ads Spy Tool provides information about competitor brand tone and ad copy, which aids in developing a creative strategy for a successful YouTube ad campaign. 

What is YouTube ads spy tool?2022-10-17T04:36:14+00:00

YouTube Ads spy tool helps you to spy on your competitors’ ads for improving ROI and to learn about their messaging strategy and positioning. 

Who should be using Google Shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:31:03+00:00

eCommerce sellers, product-based websites, and dropshippers, including all those who want to market their products through Google Shopping ads 

What are the advantages of Shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:30:37+00:00

Google Shopping Ads can drive more qualified traffic to your website and help you generate more sales. Shopping ads also increase the chance of conversion through their predictive audience. 

How to create Google shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:29:59+00:00

For creating Google shopping ads, you will need only need 2 things- Google ads account & Google merchant center. In the next step you just need to link both of these and you are ready to create your Google shopping ads campaign.  

What is Shopping ads?2022-10-17T04:29:20+00:00

Every time you search something related to a product; some ads will appear at the top of the search results page. These ads will include product specifications like color, brand name, product image, and price. 

What is Shopping ads?2022-10-14T09:49:02+00:00

Every time you search something related to a product; some ads will appear at the top of the search results page. These ads will include product specifications like color, brand name, product image, and price. 

How many plans are available in AdSpyder’s Google adwords spy tool?2022-10-13T11:18:01+00:00

There are a total of three plans available. Basic, standard, and premium. You can make your selection based on your requirements.

What data does the Google ads Checker provide?2022-10-13T11:17:36+00:00

AdSpyder’s Google Ads Checker provides you with very important ad details like targeted countries, Google ad positions, date-wise ad impressions, and search keywords.

Can I check the total number of Google ads of my competitors for any particular keyword?2022-10-13T11:17:22+00:00

Yes you can. Using AdSpyder’s online ad keyword checker tool, you just need to enter any competitor keyword for which you want to know the ad number, and you will get all the details.

How to spy on the Google ads of your competitors?2022-10-13T11:43:07+00:00

If you are looking for a trusted & reliable Google ads spy tool then AdSpyder is one of the most accurate tools.

Can I check ad keywords using my competitor website URL?2022-09-08T04:29:23+00:00

Yes of course. You just need to enter the website URL of your competitor & you can easily spy on your competitor ad keywords.

How many ad keywords can I check with free trial?2022-09-08T04:29:02+00:00

You can check up to 10 ad keywords for free with free trial.

What is Online ad keyword checker?2022-09-08T04:28:44+00:00

Online ad keyword feature of AdSpyder enables you to check the number of ads available on a particular keyword across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, YouTube, Flipkart, Amazon, Linkedin, Facebook and Reddit. You will also be able to check ad details like ad position, search keyword, targeted country, Ad headline & description.

Is there any limit with the use cases?2021-11-10T07:52:47+00:00

You will get the full access to our ads database. However, the number of ads will be limited on monthly basis.  

What’s the duration of this offer?2021-11-10T07:52:24+00:00

This offer is valid for lifetime with one time purchase. You will have an option to choose from multiple plans 

What’s the duration of this offer?2021-11-10T07:51:54+00:00

Since it’s an exclusive deal which set to expire at the end of Black Friday (27th November 2021) 

Why use Adspyder?2020-12-01T07:07:41+00:00

AdSpyder provides advertisement-related data that matters the most. And it is not about just analytics; AdSpyder ensures you have the necessary metrics and numbers in hand to craft the best advertising strategies.

Picasso said, “good artists copy; great artists steal.” Steve Jobs made the statement popular back in 1996. He knew innovation was the result of borrowed inspiration and making someone else’s idea one’s own.   

The motivation behind AdSpyder is along the same lines. There are a plethora of advertisement analytics platforms. We bridge the gaps in them through AdSpyder.

Who should use AdSpyder?2020-12-01T07:08:21+00:00

Individuals and organizations running ads to promote their products, brands, and services will benefit from AdSpyder. Adspyder helps gather your competitor’s ad intelligence, analyze your rival’s ads, and craft superior advertising/marketing strategies.

How do I get a demo?2020-12-01T07:03:51+00:00

Complete the Free Demo form and we will reach out to you shortly.

Whom do I talk to for my queries?2020-12-01T07:02:32+00:00

You can mail your queries to or visit the contact us page.

Will I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the product?2021-11-10T12:12:39+00:00

Yes. We offer a satisfaction guarantee of 7 days. If you’re not happy with your subscription during the first two weeks, send an email to

Can I get a free trial ?2021-11-10T12:12:18+00:00

Yes, you can. It is a limited-time offer. The free trial is limited to one week. You need to enter your credit card details to claim the trial offer.

What platforms does Adspyder cover?2020-12-01T06:28:02+00:00

We cover Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display Network, Bing, desktop display, desktop native, mobile display, native ads, and Yahoo!