ExperTUT’s Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns with 340% Increase in Reach

ExperTUT harnessed AdSpyder’s Analysis and Generation features supercharged with AI, to refine their advertising strategies, achieving enhanced visibility and engagement in the competitive online education market.


ExperTUT is an online learning platform that offers tailored tutoring services to students at various educational levels, focusing on personalized learning experiences. They provide a combination of online and offline classes and helps students to prepare for college entrance examinations and more.

Report Card


Gain engagement with digital ad campaign


Facebook and Google Search Ads

AdSpyder’s Features used

URL/Domain Analysis, Google and Meta Ad Library, Image Ad Generation


Website visits: 400%, Website Enquiries: 320%


ExperTUT wanted to promote their class offerings to parents of students who are looking to gain coaching for their college entrance exams. They wanted to select the appropriate platforms to promote their offerings via online ads.

AdSpyder’s Role

Domain/URL Analysis

AdSpyder’s Domain/URL Analysis provided the ExperTUT team with insights on ad distribution by platform for their seed keywords to determine which platforms are better for them to run their ads. They shortlisted Google and Facebook platforms using these insights.

Meta and Google Ad Library

With Meta and Google Ad Library features, they were able to look through some of the ad copies that have been previously used in their category and gain insights on what messaging is required for their ad copies.

Image Ad Generation

ExperTUT went for AdSpyder’s AI enabled Image Ad generation to create visually appealing ad copies that provided their messaging to their target audience.

Changes Made

ExperTUT launched their Facebook and Google Search advertising campaigns by utilizing the insights gained from the analyses as well as used creatives provided by AdSpyder’s Generative AI.



Increase in Website visits


Increase in Enquiries

ExperTUT’s strategic application of AdSpyder tools demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted digital advertising in the education sector, highlighting the potential for platforms to enhance outreach and student engagement through finely crafted ad campaigns.

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