Flipshope's Integration of AdSpyder Leads to 310% Jump in Conversions

Flipshope utilized AdSpyder’s advanced tools including Domain/URL Analysis, Image Ad Generation, and Ad Tracking to refine their digital marketing strategies. This approach allowed them to outperform competitors by enhancing ad relevance, aesthetics, and effectiveness, leading to improved user engagement and conversion rates.

Report Card


Increase user engagement generated from their ad campaigns


Meta Ads

AdSpyder’s Features used

URL/Domain Analysis, Image Ad Generation, Domain Ad Tracking


230%, Increased conversions: 310%


Flipshope faced intense competition in the online shopping aid market, with the need to stand out in a crowded space dominated by well-established brands. Their ads needed to be more targeted, visually appealing, and effectively monitored.

AdSpyder’s Role

Domain/URL Analysis

Using Domain/URL analysis, Flipshope team was able to gain insights into competitors’ strategies by analysing their ad placements and performance. Based on the ad distribution, they have decided to go for Meta Ad campaigns for their promotional drive.

Image Ad Generation

AdSpyder’s AI enabled the creation of compelling visual ads that better capture consumer attention. Quick Meta ad creation was made possible based on their category and templates.

Ad Tracking

With Ad tracking, Flonnect was provided real-time data on ad performance, allowing for quick adjustments and optimization in their Meta ad campaigns.


Changes Made

Flipshope revamped their advertising approach by implementing data-driven strategies for targeting and ad creation, enhancing their ads’ visual appeal, and continuously monitoring performance to optimize in real-time.



Increase in user engagement


Reduced Average Ad spend per impression


Increase conversion rates

Flipshope’s strategic use of AdSpyder demonstrates the significant benefits of integrating sophisticated digital marketing tools into traditional advertising campaigns. This case study underscores the potential for such technologies to transform business outcomes in competitive digital markets.

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