Flonnect's Strategic Use of AdSpyder helps gain 4x more engagement

Flonnect, leveraging AdSpyder’s insights, significantly enhanced its Google Search ad campaigns without increasing spending. By analyzing over ten competitors, Flonnect crafted more effective ads, resulting in a fourfold increase in reach and a 43% reduction in cost per click (CPC). This strategic approach not only optimized ad spend but also outpaced competitors, demonstrating the power of targeted, data-driven advertising in expanding user engagement. This case study exemplifies how strategic analysis and AI-assisted ad creation can lead to substantial marketing efficiencies and growth.

Report Card


Increase website visits and extension installs


Google Search Ads

AdSpyder’s Features used

Ad Library, Domain Overview, Keyword Overview


Website visits: 400% increase, Extension installation: 275% increase


The primary goal was to enhance the visibility and user engagement of Flonnect’s Google Search advertising campaigns. The challenge was doing so without a proportional increase in advertising expenditure, aiming for a cost-effective strategy to reach potential users.

AdSpyder’s Role

Flonnect was able to use AdSpyder’s features and used the assistance of AdSpyder’s AI to analyse, craft and optimise their ad campaigns in Google Search.

Ad library

Based on seed keywords, Flonnect team was able to identify over 10 competitors who were running ads for these keywords and who were having similar product offerings. They also were able to view ad copies of these competitors, and check for ad messaging, target personas, and CTAs used in ad copy content.

Domain overview

With competitors identified, Flonnect was able to check out when and where the ads were being run by their competitors.

Keyword overview

Flonnect team was able to analyse their seed keywords further and gain insights into the seasonality trend and use this to plan out when they need to showcase their ads to reach maximum audiences.

Changes Made

Based on these insights, Flonnect was able to optimise their ad copies, highlighting on their USP. They were also able to time their ads by adjusting their bid appropriately.



Increase in website visits within 1 month.


Reduction in CPC (Cost per click)


Increase in extension installation

2.01% to 4.33%

 increased Click-through rate

Flonnect’s collaboration with AdSpyder illuminated a path to scalable, efficient digital advertising, providing a blueprint for continued growth. They were able to achieve better engagement on their extension with increased savings on ad spending.

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