Momsbae’s Maternal and Baby Care gets an Engagement Boost with AdSpyder

Momsbae utilized AdSpyder’s vast ad repository and analysis tools to optimize its advertising efforts, significantly improving engagement and reach in the maternal and baby care market.


Momsbae offers a curated selection of products and resources tailored for expectant mothers and new parents, aiming to provide support and valuable information throughout the journey of parenthood.

Report Card


Gain more website visits and sales using ad campaign analysis and optimisation


Facebook and Google Search Ads

AdSpyder’s Features used

Google and Meta Ad Library, URL/Domain Analysis


Website visits: 307%, Website Sales: 589%


Momsbae needed to increase brand visibility and drive more targeted traffic to their site amidst a competitive online marketplace. They also wanted to analyse existing competitors in Google and Facebook platforms

AdSpyder’s Role

Google and Facebook Ad Library

With AdSpyder’s Google and Facebook Ad Library, Momsbae team identified their competitors as well as analysed effective advertising strategies within their industry.

Domain/URL Analysis

With competitors’ list available to them, Momsbae used Domain/URL Analysis to delve deeper into the advertising strategies employed by these websites and determined optimum day and time to maximise their bidding and exposure of their ad campaigns on Google and Facebook.

Changes Made

Momsbae revamped their online advertising strategy by implementing insights gained from AdSpyder, focusing on more personalized and visually engaging ad content, coupled with effective bidding strategies on Google and Facebook.



Increase in website visits


Increase in website visits

Momsbae’s experience highlights the importance of utilizing integrated advertising tools to effectively reach and engage a specific audience, demonstrating how targeted digital marketing can drive business success in niche markets.

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