StartupTalky Leverages Advanced Ad Tools for 800% Increase in Leads

StartupTalky utilized AdSpyder’s LinkedIn Ad Library, Domain/URL Analysis, and Ad Tracking features to enhance their Lead Generation strategies, resulting in improved targeting, Lead generation from target audience, and overall campaign performance in the competitive digital content market.


StartupTalky is a prominent platform providing insights, news, and stories about startups and entrepreneurship, helping entrepreneurs navigate the ecosystem with valuable information.

Report Card


Gain leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen ad campaign


LinkedIn Ads

AdSpyder’s Features used

LinkedIn Ad Library, URL/Domain Analysis, Keyword Ad Tracking


800%, Ad Spend Reduction: 25%


StartupTalky wanted to obtain leads on startups and entrepreneurs to connect with them for their news stories. They decided to create and launch a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn using the help of AdSpyder

AdSpyder’s Role

CouponsWala used AdSpyder’s features to improve their Google Search Ad Campaigns on the fashion brands and get maximum conversions.

LinkedIn Ad Library

Using LinkedIn Ad Library, StartupTalky team were able to identify the past ad copies and were able to structure their own ad copy for their lead generation campaign, using seed keywords.

Domain/URL Analysis

With Domain/URL Analysis, StartupTalky was able to pin-point which time and days were the most ideal for them to run their ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

Ad Tracking

With AI enabled real-time monitoring and optimization of ad performance, StartupTalky ensured maximum impact and ROI for their ad campaign.

Changes Made

StartupTalky refined their targeting criteria based on insights gained, optimized their content for better engagement, and implemented continuous monitoring to adjust strategies dynamically.



Increased in LinkedIn Leads 800%


Ad Spend reduced

StartupTalky’s adoption of AdSpyder showcases the powerful impact of utilizing sophisticated advertising tools to enhance marketing strategies, driving better quality leads, and achieving their objectives in the startup information space.

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