CouponsWala’s Success Story with AdSpyder: 10x boost in revenue

CouponsWala leveraged AdSpyder to revamp their Google Ads campaigns, focusing on the fashion e-commerce sector. By analysing competitors’ strategies and generating their keywords and ad copies using AI, they significantly enhanced ad effectiveness. The changes led to a 200% increase in website visits and a 150% rise in conversions, ultimately boosting revenue tenfold in just one month. This case study highlights the power of strategic ad optimization and competitive analysis in driving substantial business growth. 

Report Card


Increase revenue generated from Fashion brands


Google Search Ads

AdSpyder’s Features used

Ad Library, Text Ad Generation, Landing Page Analysis


Revenue increased: 10x, website conversions: 150%


The primary goal of CouponsWala’s ad campaigns was looking to improve their sales for fashion brands such as Urbanic, Uniqlo and Forever21. They wanted to do this while keeping their ad costs low.

AdSpyder’s Role

CouponsWala used AdSpyder’s features to improve their Google Search Ad Campaigns on the fashion brands and get maximum conversions.

Ad library

With AdSpyder’s Google Ad Library, CouponsWala team was able to figure out ad copies that are run by similar websites on discount offerings for fashion brands. By breaking down ad copy contents and analyse key CTAs used in these ad copies, CouponsWala team was able to understand what works in their category.

Ad Generation

With AdSpyder’s Generative AI, CouponsWala team was able to create new ad copies that are based on their target personas, which can better connect with their audiences. With ad copies divided into ad groups with target keywords provided, CouponsWala team easily set up their ad campaigns and made it live on their Google Ad Account.

Landing page analysis

With Landing Page analysis of their competitors, CouponsWala team focused on matching their own landing page for coupons page of the fashion brands with the messaging of the ad copies to make the message consistent to the audience.


Changes Made

CouponsWala made these changes to their ad campaigns and updated their landing pages accordingly.



website visits from these ad campaigns (within one month)


Increase in generation of revenue


Increase in Website conversions

CouponsWala’s experience underscores the effectiveness of competitive analysis and adaptive marketing strategies in boosting online engagement and sales. Moving forward, they plan to continuously refine their ad strategies and explore additional platforms to sustain growth.

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