In the ever-evolving landscape of online coupon and deal aggregation, CouponsWala embarked on a journey to enhance its reach and conversions within the competitive fashion e-commerce sector. This case study delves into how CouponsWala, with the assistance of AdSpyder and its comprehensive suite of features, not only achieved these ambitious goals but also identified new channels to amplify its message. We’ll explore the challenges they faced, the innovative solutions implemented with the aid of AdSpyder’s features, and the remarkable results that ensued.

About the Client

  • Client Name: CouponsWala  
  • Industry: Online Coupon and Deal Aggregator  
  • Objective: Increase reach and conversions for fashion e-commerce brands, including Urbanic, Myntra, Ajio, and Forever21.  
  • Duration: 3 months

The Challenges

CouponsWala, a prominent player in the online coupon and deal aggregation industry, set forth on a mission to enhance the promotion of fashion brands. Their primary challenges included:

  1. Increasing Brand Promotion: CouponsWala aimed to elevate the promotion of fashion brands such as Urbanic, Myntra, Ajio, and Forever21 through their platform. They needed to effectively showcase discounts and coupons to attract a broader audience and increase brand visibility.
  2. Enhancing User Engagement: It was crucial not only to attract visitors but also to ensure active engagement with the promotions, leading to higher conversion rates. CouponsWala aimed to foster a sense of brand loyalty and encourage purchases.
  3. Exploring New Promotion Channels: CouponsWala sought to explore additional marketing channels beyond their current strategies to maximize the visibility of their fashion brand partners. They wanted to identify new channels that resonated with their target audience.

The Solution

CouponsWala partnered with AdSpyder, a digital marketing intelligence platform renowned for its powerful features. The journey can be categorized into several key phases, each aligned with AdSpyder’s features:

1. Planning with AdSpyder

In collaboration with AdSpyder, CouponsWala devised a comprehensive plan to revamp their promotion strategy. This included identifying areas of improvement and new opportunities to increase brand exposure. AdSpyder’s robust planning tools and insights provided a solid foundation for this strategic endeavor.

2. Competitor Ad Analysis with AdSpyder

To gain a competitive edge, CouponsWala leveraged AdSpyder’s Ad Spy feature. This tool allowed them to meticulously study the advertising tactics employed by competitors in the fashion e-commerce space. They gained valuable insights into successful strategies, giving them a blueprint for their own promotions.

3. PPC Keyword Analysis with AdSpyder

AdSpyder’s PPC Keyword Analysis tools played a pivotal role in CouponsWala’s strategy. They conducted in-depth research to discover high-impact keywords with significant search volume. This helped optimize their content strategy and bidding strategy, ensuring that their promotions reached the right audience at the right time.

4. Landing Page Analysis with AdSpyder

To enhance user engagement, CouponsWala conducted a Landing Page Analysis. AdSpyder’s tools enabled them to identify areas for improvement on their website, making it more user-friendly and appealing. This feature ensured that visitors had a seamless experience when interacting with promotions. It also provided them with information to create a website without having to go through endless wireframes and A/B testing.

5. URL/Domain Analysis with AdSpyder

With AdSpyder, CouponsWala ventured into URL/Domain Analysis, uncovering valuable data on the performance of competitors across various channels. This analysis led to the discovery of Instagram and Facebook as ideal platforms for fashion brand promotions. AdSpyder’s platform insights played a crucial role in this strategic decision-making process. Current Google Search Ads were complemented with Instagram and Facebook Retargeting ad campaigns.


The implementation phase was a concerted effort to put the strategic insights into action. CouponsWala optimized their website, ad copies and platforms for advertising campaigns based on the data and insights gathered through AdSpyder.


After 3 months of collaboration with AdSpyder, CouponsWala witnessed remarkable improvements in various aspects of their promotion efforts:

  1. Enhanced Brand Promotion: CouponsWala significantly amplified the promotion of fashion brands such as Urbanic, Myntra, Ajio, and Forever21. Their platform effectively showcased discounts and coupons, leading to increased brand visibility and engagement. AdSpyder’s planning, competitor analysis, and platform insights were pivotal in achieving this.
  2. Improved User Engagement: Through meticulous keyword analysis and campaign optimization, CouponsWala substantially improved user engagement. Visitors were more likely to interact with the promotions, resulting in a notable boost in brand loyalty and sales. AdSpyder’s keyword and landing page analysis features played a vital role in achieving this outcome.
  3. Effective Use of New Promotion Channels: By leveraging AdSpyder’s insights, CouponsWala identified Instagram and Facebook as highly suitable platforms for promoting fashion brands’ discounts and coupons. This strategic move resulted in increased engagement and brand awareness on these social media channels. AdSpyder’s platform and URL/domain analysis features were instrumental in this discovery.

Before and After Scenarios

  • Before Implementation:

CouponsWala struggled to attract and engage users effectively. Their promotions lacked the desired impact, and they faced challenges in distinguishing themselves in the competitive fashion e-commerce sector.

  • After Implementation:

With AdSpyder’s assistance, CouponsWala’s promotions became more targeted and engaging. They successfully showcased discounts and coupons for fashion brands, resulting in increased user engagement, brand visibility, and conversions. The strategic use of new promotion channels on Instagram and Facebook further bolstered their success. Website visits from these campaigns skyrocketed by 200%, while conversions increased by an impressive 150%.

  • Before: Visits 50k, Conversions 1013
  • After: Visits 100k, Conversions 1520


“Thanks to AdSpyder, we were able to uncover hidden opportunities and tap into the power of Instagram advertising. Our campaigns became more effective, resulting in ten times increase in revenue in just one month!”

CouponsWala’s journey with AdSpyder exemplifies the transformative impact of data-driven insights and strategic planning in the world of digital marketing. With AdSpyder’s arsenal of features, they not only achieved their goals but also uncovered new opportunities, setting a precedent for success in the competitive online coupon and deal aggregation industry.

– Abhishek Kumar, Marketing Director of CouponsWala

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