How to gain more customers using LinkedIn ads

Do you know the well-known website where professionals, business owners, and job seekers all gather? Yes, it is the famous social networking site built especially for the business community known as “LinkedIn”.  With more than 830 million users across 200 countries, LinkedIn is rated as one of the most visited websites by professionals all over the world. The United States is ranked at the top with close to 190 million users, followed by India with 87 million users. Basically this article tells you about how can target these audience through LinkedIn ads  

LinkedIn is used mainly for (Business-to-Business) B2B companies. Nearly 65% of all B2B marketing is done through LinkedIn. Survey shows that when it comes to B2B leads LinkedIn performance is outstanding in terms of both quality and quantity. It has the highest conversion rate of 2.74% which is more than any other social media website.

Since LinkedIn is mainly used by professionals and business owners, it is very easy to know your target audience. Therefore, promoting your product and service on LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to gain customers.

User status and benefits of using LinkedIn ads

Linkedin is not only popular among professionals and business owners but also among college students. Almost 46 million users on LinkedIn are students who are seeking new upskill programs.

Due to high student users, many colleges even offer degree courses to students all around the world. 

Example:- Arizona State University with more than 7.5 million followers offers online graduate programs for students abroad all around the world.

LinkedIn is one of the most used platforms by job seekers. With more than 58 million companies registered on the site, close to 50 million job seekers visit LinkedIn every week. 

In 2022, nearly 112 million people attended interviews through LinkedIn for various companies out of which 36 million candidates got hired. As a result of a high volume of job seekers, close to 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

The survey shows that 57% of users are men and 44% of users are female. Almost 57.6% of LinkedIn users are between the age group of 25 to 34 years old. 23.6% were in the 35-54 year age group and 5.2 percent were aged above 55 years.

The most number of jobs for freshers are searched by the age group between 18 to 24 years, which is estimated at around 13.6% of total Linkedin users. And almost half of all US adults with a college degree use LinkedIn.

Due to the high volume of job seekers recently, Microsoft has announced that they will be hiring up to 50,000 employees directly from LinkedIn. And that’s how beneficial LinkedIn is for job seekers and business owners.

[2-3 images with statistics]

Since it is very easy to target people on Linkedin, many companies which provide Upskill courses, B2B services make an immense profit using the LinkedIn platform. 

Therefore, if you know to use LinkedIn ads properly, you can also make a huge amount of profit in a short period.

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Niche where LinkedIn ads are important

One of the best ways to succeed in business is to be a specialist in a specific product or service rather than having a vague knowledge of a large number of products. 

So what is called a Niche market? A niche market is the segment of the general broader market that is focused on selling specific or personalized services and products to customers.

Example:- Baby products are called a general broader market in which selling personalized baby diapers is called a Niche market.

Since many individuals nowadays have begun looking for a specialist for the product they require, companies have increased their focus on niche marketing.

Some of the important niche markets that heavily rely on LinkedIn to make huge profits are 

  • Online courses
  • Real estate
  • Recruiting agency
  • Interior decorations

Online courses

With nearly 46 million student users on LinkedIn, many institutions provide specialized graduation courses, and Upskill courses to the students to boost their chances of getting a high-paid job in a reputed company.

For example:- Since there are a lot of technology students on Linkedin, institutions that offer online software courses to computer engineering students make a huge amount of profit every year because of the high demand from students who are looking forward to learning a new technology or software to upskill themselves.

Real estate

As we know that LinkedIn is the chief platform for business communities, and there are a lot of companies that want to expand their business and increase their workspace. 

As a result, real estate has become one of the most profitable as well as a booming niche on the LinkedIn platform.

Since there is a huge demand for real estate agencies, on average a real estate agent in the USA earns up to $49000 every month using the LinkedIn platform

Recruiting agencies

With more than 50 million job seekers visiting LinkedIn every week, companies have a hard time conducting interviews and selecting eligible candidates for the job. As a result, lots of companies seek the help of recruiting agencies to shortlist eligible candidates. 

A survey shows that 67% of candidates hired from LinkedIn by recruiting agencies are of high quality with excellent knowledge and skills.

Therefore, recruiting agencies make huge profits every year using the LinkedIn platform.

Interior decorations

Every company strives to make its workplace a pleasant place for its employees to work. Therefore, to create a good ambiance companies seek good Interior decorators. Hence Interior decorators earn a lot by promoting themself through LinkedIn ads.

[one image for each type of linkedin ad]

Types of LinkedIn ads

 Let us see some of the important types of LinkedIn ads…

 1. Photo ads

photo ads

This is similar to a normal photo or a picture that you post on the newsfeed. This ad is really simple to make and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

2. Video ads

video ads

This is a promotion of your product in a video format. This is the most efficient and successful type of ad compared to a photo ad. And most of the survey says that customers tend to choose the products of businesses that have regular fresh video ads.

3. Carousel ads

carousel ads

This is a type of ad that lets the user scroll through up to 10 photo or video ads about your product or company. This is the most versatile option since it gives you the option to combine both photo and video ads into a single post.


4. Event ads

This is a new type of ad feature in LinkedIn which allows you to promote an event to your target audience. Event ads help you to create awareness among people about your upcoming events conducted by you, thereby creating brand awareness easily among the public.

How to use adspyder to create successful LinkedIn ads

Yes, LinkedIn ads indeed have a lot of potentials to grow your business but there is also heavy competition among different companies.

So how do you outsmart your competitors and gain more customers by creating a successful LinkedIn ad? Yes, there is always a way to your problems. One of the easiest ways is to use a smart and innovative software tool called “adspyder” for creating your ad.

adspyder is a spy tool that gives you all the intelligence about your competitor’s marketing ad strategies not only for LinkedIn but also for social media sites and search engines. All the information is displayed in a creative, easy-to-understand manner with the help of colorful graphs and charts in a detailed manner. 

adspyder is a SAAS (Software as a service) tool that is rated as one of the most easy-to-use and smooth-performing software by its users. This software is mainly used by small and medium enterprises to compete against big and well-established companies. More than 10000+ SMEs are using adspyder since it helps them to create successful ads against their competitors easily with the help of the valuable intelligence provided by the software. Check out the link ( to know more about Adsypder.

How to set up LinkedIn ads

Let’s see the simple steps to create your LinkedIn ads…

1. Create an Ad account.

If you already have created your LinkedIn Ad Account then you can skip to the next step.

To create an ad account, open your company page & navigate to the “Admin Tools” menu on the top right corner below the “View as member” button.

Now choose the “Sponsor your updates” option from the dropdown menu.

Now, you’ll be taken to the campaign manager page with an account opening form where you will have to assign a name to your ad account, choose currency & associate your respective company page.

2. Select your objective.

In this step, you’ll have to decide what you want your audience to do when the ad appears on their news feed.

According to LinkedIn, “choosing an objective helps them customize your campaign creation, deliver the best ROI for your stated goal, & show you relevant reporting”.

LinkedIn Campaign Objectives are categorized into 3 sections based on the buyer’s journey –  Awareness, Consideration & Conversion.

Under these categories, the following are the objectives –

  • Brand Awareness: Choose this objective to reach more people just to tell them about your product, services, or company
  • Website Visits: Choose this objective to reach people who are most likely to click on your ads to visit your website or marketing landing pages.
  • Engagement: Choose this objective to show your ads to people most likely to engage with your ad or follow your company.
  • Video Views: Choose this objective to show your videos to people most likely to watch them.
  • Lead Generation: Choose this objective to show your ads to people most likely to fill out a lead generation form.
  • Website Conversion: Choose this objective to show your ads to people most likely to take the actions on your website which are valuable for your business.
  • Job Applicants: Choose this objective to show your ads to people most likely to view or click on your job ads to apply.

Now, evaluate the goals you want to achieve from the campaign and choose the most relevant objective.

3. Create an audience.

In this step, you will have to create an audience you want to target through your ad.

LinkedIn allows you to target your potential customers on the basis of various attributes like Education, Campany, Profession, Skills, and many more.

LinkedIn has also listed a bunch of audiences based on different audience attributes. If you’re a first-timer, you can choose one of the relevant audiences for your campaign.

On selecting your audience, LinkedIn automatically narrows down the audience and creates an audience by adding relevant audience attributes like job roles, group members, education, skills, etc in respective sections.

Additionally, you can add more attributes to the target audience to expand your reach further by clicking on “Add more attributes (OR)+”.

However, if your target audience is not listed on LinkedIn Audiences, you can target them based on the specific & relevant audience attributes for the campaign.

4. Choose an Ad format: 

On the basis of your campaign objective, choose the relevant ad format.

LinkedIn offers you the following 8 ad formats in total but only the relevant ad formats based on your campaign objective will be listed.

  • Single Image Ad: Choose this ad format to create an ad using a single image that will show up in the news feed.
  • Carousel Image Ad: Choose this ad format to create an ad with two or more images that will show up in the news feed.
  • Video Ad: Choose this ad format to create an ad using a video that will show up in the news feed.
  • Text Ad: Choose this ad format to create text-based ads that will show up in the right column or top of the pages on LinkedIn.
  • Spotlight Ad: Choose this ad format to create ads that are personalized using profile data to promote an offering throughout the desktop.
  • Follower Ad: Choose this ad format to create ads that are personalized using data to promote your company page on the desktop.
  • Message Ad: Choose this ad format to create ads that are delivered to your target audience’s LinkedIn Messaging inbox.
  • Job Ad: Choose this ad format to create ads that are personalized using profile data to promote jobs throughout the desktop.

Before making any decision on which ad format to choose, you can click on each format available to see the “Forecasted results” on the right sidebar.

Analyzing this data can help you choose the most relevant ad format on the basis of your campaign budget & the target to achieve.

Now, analyze, compare & choose the ad format you want to go ahead with.

5. Set up ad budget & schedule.

6. Select a bid type.

At this step, you have to choose how you want your ad budget to be spent. LinkedIn offers the following 3 types of bidding –

  1. Automated Bid

– This allows LinkedIn to set your campaign’s bid automatically based on historical campaign data and member information. 

You can choose this option when you’re not sure how much to bid. Also, this is charged by impressions, not by clicks.

  1. Enhanced CPC Bid
  1. Maximum CPM Bid

7. Set up conversion tracking.

8. Create ads for the campaign.

Finally, you’ve to add the ad in the campaign for which you can create an ad or sponsor existing posts on the page.

To sponsor the existing post, click on the “Browse existing content” button, select the post you want to promote & then click on the “Sponsor” button above the preview bar. 

But if you want to create a new ad, click on “Create a new ad” and then a new pop-up window where you’ve to name the ad, add introduction text, destination URL, image, header and choose a CTA for the ad.

After filling up every section, click the “Create” button & your ad is ready to go live.

Lastly, click on the “Next” button & then the “Launch” button on the next page to get the campaign live.

Now your ad is live but do not expect it to start delivering at the same time as LinkedIn may take some time to review it and once approved, the ad will start appearing on your targeted audience’s feed.


1. What makes LinkedIn a valuable platform for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn is predominantly used by professionals and business owners, making it an ideal platform for B2B companies. With a user base exceeding 830 million across 200 countries, it offers a high conversion rate of 2.74%, the highest among social media platforms, making it highly effective for generating quality leads.

2. How can LinkedIn ads benefit job seekers and recruiters?

LinkedIn is a crucial platform for job seekers and recruiters, hosting over 58 million companies and facilitating nearly 50 million job searches weekly. With a high hiring rate from interviews conducted through LinkedIn, it’s beneficial for both parties, offering a direct hiring pathway for companies like Microsoft.

3. What types of businesses can benefit from LinkedIn ads?

Businesses focusing on niche markets such as online courses, real estate, recruiting agencies, and interior decorations can significantly benefit from LinkedIn ads due to the platform’s targeted audience of professionals and companies looking to expand or upskill.

4. What are the main types of LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn offers various ad formats including Photo ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, and Event ads. Each type serves different marketing needs, from simple photo posts to engaging video content and interactive carousel or event promotions.

5. How does AdSpyder assist in creating successful LinkedIn ads?

AdSpyder is a tool that provides insights into competitors’ advertising strategies across social media and search engines. It helps businesses create more effective LinkedIn ads by offering valuable intelligence and analytics, making it especially useful for SMEs competing against larger companies.

6. What are the steps to set up LinkedIn ads?

Setting up LinkedIn ads involves creating an ad account, selecting your campaign objective, targeting your audience, choosing an ad format, setting up a budget and schedule, selecting a bid type, and finally, creating and launching your ads.

7. How do you choose the right objective for your LinkedIn ad campaign?

LinkedIn categorizes campaign objectives into Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. The choice depends on your campaign goal, whether it’s brand awareness, driving website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation, website conversions, or job applications.

8. What factors should be considered when targeting an audience on LinkedIn?

When creating a targeted audience for LinkedIn ads, consider factors such as education, company, profession, skills, and more. LinkedIn’s targeting options allow for precise audience segmentation, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

9. How can you choose the right ad format for your LinkedIn campaign?

The choice of ad format depends on your campaign objective and can include options like Single Image Ads, Carousel Image Ads, Video Ads, Text Ads, Spotlight Ads, Follower Ads, Message Ads, and Job Ads. Each format caters to different engagement goals and content strategies.

10. What is the significance of conversion tracking in LinkedIn ads?

Setting up conversion tracking is crucial for measuring the effectiveness of your LinkedIn ads. It helps you understand how well your ads are converting viewers into leads or customers, allowing for optimization of campaigns for better ROI.