How to setup Google shopping ads

How to setup Google Shopping ads

If you ever see an ad along with the image, price, and basic description of the product at the top or right corner of the Google search result, that is called “Google Shopping Ads”.

Google Shopping Ads outnumber all other search ads on Google. It is found that more than 85% of all clicks on Google ads are from Google Shopping Ads and nearly 76% of ad expenditure goes towards Google Shopping Ads.

Google can display up to 30 shopping ads per SERP (search engine results page) on desktop and up to 15 shopping ads on mobile devices. The minimum resolution of the product image should be 100*100 and for apparel (clothing), it should be a minimum of 200*200

Why do people prefer Google shopping Ads ?

Since all the basic information like the image and price of the product is readily displayed to the user, only the user who decides to buy after examining the price and image of the product clicks on the shopping ad. That is the reason why Google shopping ads have more clicks as well as a high conversion rate. 

Google shopping ads have a high conversion rate of 1.19% when compared to text ads, which is 0.77%. A survey shows that 49% of people discover new products using Google. Since Google shopping ads have good visibility on the SERPs, there is a wider reach of the product among users.

Most importantly, unlike Google text ads, Google shopping ads are very easy to set up and do not require keyword research before creating the ad campaign. 

The ranking and displaying of ads are automatically done by the Google search engine based on the location and other inputs that are filled in a spreadsheet provided by Google for creating the shopping ad.

Table: Common Issues and Solutions in Google Shopping Ads

Disapproved ProductsProducts not meeting Google’s policies.Review and comply with Google’s product policies.
Low Click-Through Rate (CTR)Ads not attracting enough clicks.Optimize product titles, images, and pricing.
High Cost Per Click (CPC)High costs for ad clicks.Adjust bidding strategy and focus on high-converting products.
Poor Conversion RateLow sales despite clicks.Improve landing page experience and product descriptions.
Incomplete Product FeedMissing or incorrect product data.Ensure all required fields are accurately filled in the product feed.

Is Google shopping ads profitable?

Yes, it is. The average conversion rate of all Google search engine ads is 3.75%, of which 1.19% is solely contributed by Google shopping ads. 

Though the average Google Shopping ad is 30% more expensive than the normal Google Text Ads, the ROI (return of investment) from shopping ads is double that of normal text ads. As well, the conversion rate of shopping ads is close to 3 times that of text ads. The average conversion rate of text ads is 0.77%, but for shopping ads, it is 1.19%. 

That is the main reason why spending on Google shopping ads grew by 41% more than text ads from 2018 to 2019, according to the survey.

Top sectors that make a profit using Google shopping ads:-

Clothing and Apparels:-

This is one of the sectors that makes a huge profit using Google shopping ads. Since the image is readily available to users, the conversion rate is very good. The average conversion rate for clothing and apparel is 2.70%.

Example:- The clothing and apparel company, “Vineyard Vines”, generated 4% of overall revenue growth with a conversion rate of 84% more than search ads using Google shopping ads.

Medical supplies:-

Medical supplies like waistbands, splint bands, tablets & medicine, knee & elbow braces, etc., are some of the products that make huge profits using Google shopping ads. Since the images and price of the product are readily available at the top of the search result page, users can make a quick decision to buy the medical supplies they want. The survey shows close to 75% of the users click on shopping ads instead of text ads when buying medical supplies. As a result, medical supplies have the highest conversion rate of 2.94%.

Health and Beauty:-

Products like face cream, hair dryers, vitamin tablets, moisturizers, shavers, etc., are some of the health care and beauty products that have huge success in using shopping ads. The average conversion rate for this sector is about 2.78%.

Example:- The eyeglass company “Syght glasses” promoted its blue light-blocking computer glasses using Google shopping ads. As a result, the company made a profit of $319.92 with just 153 clicks on its shopping ads.

Why should we use adspyder:-

We saw how Google shopping ads are very useful and effective in terms of promotion, but we should also understand that Google shopping ads also have some limitations. There is no 100% guarantee that the ad campaign will be successful. The success of the Google shopping ads depends completely upon the latest trend in the market, as well as your competitor’s offers to the customers. 

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the latest market trends and your competitor’s ad strategies before creating your Google shopping ad.

But how do you find the latest trend and your competitor’s ad strategies without spending more time and effort? Yes, there is a way to gain all this information instantly and without effort, and that is by using adspyder. 

With more than 10+ million ad copies and ad libraries for 100+ platforms, it is now very easy to analyze and understand the current trend in the market using adspyder. Most importantly, adspyder provides you with the hidden intelligence behind your competitor’s ad’s success and their offers to your customers. Therefore, this software helps you create an effective strategy against your competitor’s product to dominate the market.

All the information required to create a successful ad is given in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Since it is very easy to create a Google shopping ad using adspyder, more than 10,000+ SMEs are already using adspyder due to its high success rate and have made huge profits.

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Types of Google shopping ads:-

In your Google Shopping campaigns, you can apply one of three different forms of shopping advertising.

  • Product shopping ads
  • Showcase shopping ads
  • Local inventory shopping ads

Product shopping ads:-

product shopping ads

Based on the product information you have provided in your Google Merchant Center account, product shopping ads are generated by the Google search engine.

Showcase shopping ads:-

showcase shopping ads

These can be created by mixing several related products. Customers can then compare a variety of your products to determine the best one. This allows consumers to understand your brand and explore your line of products.

Local inventory shopping ads:-

These show off your products and information about a physical store to nearby users who are searching with Google.


1. What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads display products with images, prices, and descriptions in Google search results, offering high visibility and conversion rates due to detailed product information being readily available to users.

2. Why do Google Shopping Ads have a high conversion rate?

They provide immediate product information, leading to clicks from users with a higher intent to purchase, resulting in a conversion rate of 1.19% compared to text ads’ 0.77%.

3. Are Google Shopping Ads profitable?

Yes, they offer higher ROI compared to text ads, with shopping ads being 30% more expensive but delivering double the ROI and nearly triple the conversion rate.

4. Which sectors benefit most from Google Shopping Ads?

Clothing and apparels, medical supplies, and health and beauty sectors see significant profits due to the visual nature and immediate product information of shopping ads.

5. How can adspyder enhance Google Shopping Ad campaigns?

Adspyder provides market trends and competitor strategies through its extensive ad libraries, helping users craft effective ad campaigns with less effort.

6. What types of Google Shopping Ads are there?

There are three types: Product Shopping Ads, Showcase Shopping Ads, and Local Inventory Ads, each serving different marketing purposes.

7. Why is no keyword research required for Google Shopping Ads?

Google automatically ranks and displays shopping ads based on product information and user location without needing keyword research.

8. What is the minimum image resolution for Google Shopping Ads?

The minimum resolution is 100×100 for most products and 200×200 for apparel.

9. How does Google determine the display of Shopping Ads?

Ads are ranked and displayed based on product data and relevancy to the user’s search query and location.

10. What makes Google Shopping Ads different from text ads?

Shopping ads display product images and prices directly in search results, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates without the need for keyword optimization.