Dropshipping Business Plan | How to Start Dropshipping ?

Dropshipping is a new term when it comes to commerce. So what does it mean? Dropshipping is the method of companies and stores accepting orders without having the said product in their stock. They instead purchase directly from the supplier whenever an order is placed. Since they don’t have to worry about retaining any stock and only place orders when they commit a customer, this translates to the seller frequently assuming far less risk. Further, we will discuss the whole dropshipping business plan.

Dropshipping has the advantage that it doesn’t need inventory or storage space. Additionally, since you are only serving as a bypass and the money is already being transferred from the buyer to the seller, you are not required to contribute any funds. For entrepreneurs, this concept is highly appealing and advantageous. Large corporations may also use it if they lack any accessible storage space.

In today’s world Dropshipping has become quite a popular commerce model with big companies such as Zappos and Wayfair, having their business models built around this method. In this article, we will be looking at how to start and build your own dropshipping business.

How to Start an E-commerce Dropshipping Business?

Let us take the 4 steps needed to start a Dropshipping business.

Selecting Products For Dropshipping

The first to establish a successful dropshipping store is definitely by selecting products that are in demand. There are tons of products from even big sites such as AliExpress that you can import and sell from your store. There are also different types of sellers. You can either be a specialist and sell a specific type of product or you can be quite versatile and sell a variety of products as well. There is also the option of selling your own best dropshipping products as well.

Selecting A Domain Name

When you open up a dropshipping store, it is of utmost importance that you select a good domain name because it makes a big deal in increasing organic traffic to the website. Popular domain names are usually going to attract more customers and if they are simple, people will remember them for a longer period as well. 

Selecting A Hosting Platform in Dropshipping Business Plan

There are lots of popular platforms for starting up a dropshipping business. The ones that come to mind are Shopify and WooCommerce. Whilst both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, with Shopify being more beginner-friendly and WooCommerce being a free word plugin, you can not go wrong with either of them.

Selecting A Dropshipping Plugin

Even though dropshipping is still feasible without the plugins, setting up the store is rather challenging. On the other hand, the plugins are extremely simple to use and assist you in automating the entire procedure. I’ll concentrate on the plugins for dropshipping that you may utilize with your WooCommerce store.

Who Should Think To Start A Dropshipping Business?


Dropshipping is not for everyone. It is a given that certain kinds of people will be more successful than others in this venture. Let us look at who exactly it is suited for.

  • Beginner Entrepreneurs – They will struggle to understand the procedure because they are brand-new to the startup scene. However, the good news is that kids are alert and prepared to comprehend the ideas.
  • Budget Entrepreneurs – For them, dropshipping may be the perfect line of work. Because they will focus on even the smallest issues and create systems to maintain strong cash flows.
  • E-commerce Store Owners – Their main source of income is e-commerce. Because they are familiar with their clients, the assets that convert, and the market they wish to target, they can easily win the dropshipping business.
  • Side Hustlers – They might need some instruction at first, but after learning how the entire dropshipping process operates, they will be prepared to take matters into their own hands and can take the help of Google Ads Spy as well.

How To Choose The Best Dropshipping Supplier?

dropshipping business


Let us look at the steps needed to be done to select a good supplier for your dropshipping business.

  • Go With The Popular Names – You may find all the well-known dropshipping provides with a simple online search. These include well-known companies like Salehoo, AliExpress, and Zappos. These are possibly the finest wagers available if you want to play it safe.
  • Independent Supplier Directories – You may also go via third-party provider directories. These are directories that are frequently created by private companies and typically need a membership. They include information about the businesses’ addresses, their rates and prices, and the kinds of things they sell.
  • Contact a Manufacturer Directly- This is a more time-consuming technique because you’ll need to haggle over prices with the manufacturer and make sure they can deliver on schedule and are reliable. It could be a good idea to consult a few dropshipping or wholesale directories to learn more about reputable manufacturers, after which you can bargain with them for a price that is near to wholesale.

How to Promote Your Store?

You must advertise your shop utilizing a variety of strategies, including social media platforms and others. Your shop will most likely not attract a lot of notice right away, so how well you promote it will determine its success. Let us look at the various ways of promoting a dropshipping store,

  1. Social Media
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Instagram Influencer Marketing
  4. Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  5. Email Marketing


A dropshipping business can be done without an Inventory in itself. Companies accept and ship orders without having the said item in stock itself. They act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller. 4 main steps have to be taken to start an e-commerce business and they include selecting products, a domain name, hosting platforms, and a dropshipping plugin as well. The next step is to determine who you want to dropship to and how to select your supplier to run your business. The last point is very important as well and that is promoting your business. Nowadays, it is as important to promote your store as it is to maintain it. We hope all these points help in starting and running a good dropshipping business.