Dropshipping On Oberlo: How to Start Your Dropshipping Venture


Dropshipping is a relatively new concept in the world of business. What does it mean, though? Dropshipping is a practice where businesses and online retailers accept orders without actually having the requested item in stock. Every time an order is placed, they buy straight from the provider. This equates to the seller typically bearing significantly less risk, as they don’t have to worry about maintaining any stock and just make orders when they have a commitment from a buyer. There are many available online drop-shipping platforms. One of the dropshipping apps built specifically for Shopify is Oberlo. It links your online store to AliExpress, so you can quickly import goods to sell. It has a variety of features that will make your dropshipping business very easy to manage. Let us look into details on how to start dropshipping on Oberlo.

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a practice where businesses take consumer orders without having the necessary inventory on hand. Instead, they work with independent merchants who then send the product to the buyer. As a result, the business where you placed the order serves as a bypasser. Dropshipping has become a very common commerce model in the modern day, with major corporations like Zappos and Wayfair basing their whole operations on it.

The benefit of dropshipping is that it doesn’t require inventory or storage space. Additionally, you are not required to pay any money because you are merely acting as a bypasser and the money is already being moved from the buyer to the seller. This idea is quite tempting and useful for business owners. If they don’t have any readily available storage space, large organizations may also utilize it.

Dropshipping On Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping app that is exclusive to the Shopify platform. It has a variety of features to make your dropshipping business much easier. With dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about managing inventory or dealing with shipping when you fulfill your customers’ orders by sending the goods straight from the supplier. Your sole responsibility as the merchant is to merely sell the things online by branding them, developing a website, producing advertisements, and so forth.

Oberlo Dropshipping Features

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of features on the Oberlo app that will make your life much easier when it comes to dropshipping. Let us take a detailed look at all the features Oberlo has to offer.

Quick Product Import

Oberlo allows you to import products from sites such as AliExpress with incredible speed as all it takes is just one click. This makes it really convenient for anyone who wants to increase the functionality of their online store. You can also make use of the Oberlo Chrome extension, which makes it easier to import products in bulk instead of clicking on every single product.

Product Customization

You can also customize your products with Oberlo, and this will give your products a unique look and make them standout. This also includes adding logos to your products and creating your own brand. It is to be noted that not all types of products can be labeled.

Variant mapping

You don’t make individual listings for each size and colour when you provide many product variations. Customers may select many product variants from various providers on the same page thanks to variant mapping. Oberlo combines versions from many providers.As a result, you may have several suppliers without having to establish multiple listings, which makes your life much easier.

Automated Product Inventory

With Oberlo there would not be any need to constantly check and update your inventory as the app automatically does it by integrating your inventory with the suppliers. 

Sales and Shipment Tracking

This feature is only available for the Boss plan – that you would have to upgrade for – but it does a lot by showing the status and details of the shipment. This also helps you to respond to your customers accurately as well.

Pricing Automation

Oberlo allows you to set rules to automatically update your product’s price according to your profit formula. So instead of setting up a fixed price for each product, you give Oberlo the margins that work for you, and it will do the rest.

Bulk Orders

With the Boss plan, you can place AliExpress orders for all your sales in a few clicks. So instead of spending time going over each sale to place its corresponding order, you simply select them all and place the orders in bulk—Oberlo will take care of the rest.

Faster Shipping (ePacket Delivery)

With the help of the U.S., China, and Hong Kong’s ePacket agreement, shipments may go forward more quickly and with less red tape. Making shipments endure between 10-15 days—less than half as long as they once did—is saving the lives of many dropshippers.

Multilingual Support

Currently, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese languages are available in the app. By navigating to your account settings and selecting the language option, you may change the language. We are sure there will be more languages added in the near future, though.

5 Reasons To Choose Oberlo For Dropshipping 

5 Reasons To Choose Oberlo For Dropshipping 

Oberlo is one of the best dropshipping platforms on Shopify. While we have already mentioned that it has a ton of features, what are the exact reasons as to why one should use Oberlo? Let us look at five such compelling factors.

  • The Oberlo platform offers incredible value for money when compared to its competitors. It provides the best results for the amount of time and money invested in it.
  • One does not need to worry about the setup process, as it is incredibly easy to use the platform, and even the integration process with your stores and other sites such as Alibaba is without any flaws as well.
  • There is also the factor of different prices. Unlike other platforms, where the price package for all plans is fixed and cannot be changed, Oberlo offers a variable package based on how much usage is done on the platform.If you are not an extensive user, you do not need to pay as much.
  • By filtering a large number of products, the platform goes above and beyond to ensure that your work is cut out and much easier.It also makes the search process easier by filtering products.
  • There is an option to run your Shopify store on autopilot too. How cool is that? Suppose you are taking a vacation and cannot work for a few days. The platform does all the work for you when you are gone. This is a really valuable option when you have days off.

Steps To Start Dropshipping on Oberlo

Let us take a look at all the steps needed to start dropshipping on Oberlo:

  • Create an account: can be done in two ways: sign up on the app’s website or create a Shopify store.
  • Find products to sell on other sites, such as AliExpress.
  • Find a reliable Oberlo supplier
  • Import products from other sites: can also be done more simply with the help of the Oberlo Chrome extension
  • Set the prices of the products.
  • Manage orders on Oberlo.
  • Deal with returns and refunds.


Starting a dropshipping business with Oberlo is an efficient and streamlined process for your requirements. It is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to enter the e-commerce market without handling inventory. Oberlo’s features like automated inventory management, quick product import, and seamless integration with Shopify make it a powerful tool for running a successful dropshipping store. It is also easy to learn and manage, giving it widespread popularity in the e-commerce space. We have also highlighted steps to start dropshipping on Oberlo. By leveraging Oberlo’s capabilities, you can focus on building your e-commerce venture and growing your business while Oberlo handles the logistics.


What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a dropshipping app exclusively for Shopify, allowing users to import products from suppliers directly into their Shopify store.

How do I start dropshipping with Oberlo?

Sign up for Shopify, install the Oberlo app, import products, customize your store, and start selling.

Do I need inventory to start dropshipping with Oberlo?

No, Oberlo handles inventory management and shipping, so you don’t need to stock products.

What products can I sell using Oberlo?

Oberlo offers a wide range of products across various categories, including fashion, electronics, beauty, and more.

How does Oberlo handle shipping?

When a customer places an order, Oberlo automatically processes the order and ships it directly from the supplier to the customer.

Can I customize the products I import through Oberlo?

Yes, you can customize product descriptions, images, and prices to match your store’s branding.

Is Oberlo free to use?

Oberlo offers a free plan with basic features and paid plans with additional features for growing businesses.