Google Shopping Ads Vs Amazon Sponsored Ads: Which Is Better?


When it comes to big digital platform giants like Google and Amazon, there is always confusion among people about which one is the best and which will give me more profits. But the fact is, both Google and Amazon are equally good in their own way. Both these platforms have their advantages as well as shortcomings, and only if you are aware of these differences can you easily manage your ads to make a profit by achieving conversions. This article will shed light upon the two most popular types of ads, which are Google shopping ads and Amazon-sponsored product ads. Let’s find out what the key differences are between Google shopping ads and Amazon sponsored ads.

What are Google shopping ads?

If you ever see an ad along with the image, price, and basic description of the product at the top or right corner of the Google search result, that is called “Google Shopping Ads”.



What Are Amazon-Sponsored Product Ads?

Amazon-sponsored product ads are a paid feature that allows you to promote your product on the Amazon website. Your product will be ranked top above the organic results whenever the customer search for the relevant products. 

Ex.) If you are selling a watch using Amazon- sponsored ad, and whenever the customer search for a watch on the Amazon platform then your product will be highlighted at the top of the search results giving you the advantage over other sellers. Thereby, leading to higher conversions and more profits.



Where Do Google Shopping Ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads Appear?

  • Google shopping ads appear on top of the Google search result page. Google shopping ads have a higher percentage of reach when compared to Amazon shopping ads. Because Google search engine is used in around 90+ countries when compared to amazon with 15 countries.
  • Amazon-sponsored advertisements are displayed on the Amazon search result page or on a highly visible area of the product details page.

Which One To Choose: Amazon Ads Or Google Ads?

  • Use Google shopping ads when you want to create awareness about your product. Because people frequently use Google to find products when they are unsure of what to buy for their requirements or to get advice and details on a certain product. You can also use Google shopping ads when you want to target your customers and drive them to your website.
  • Use Amazon sponsored-product ads when you want to promote your product to the people who are ready to buy. Because people who visit Amazon already know what to buy and very certainly have chosen the brand of the item. You can also use Amazon sponsored ads when you need to highlight your product among your competitor’s products.


Purchase Intent and Conversion Rate For Google and Amazon Ads

Amazon ads usually have a 10% higher conversion rate than Google ads because only the people who want to purchase the product visits the Amazon platform whereas people commonly use Google to gain knowledge about the product. Hence, the purchase intent for Amazon ads is way higher than for Google ads.

  • Use Amazon ads to overcome the competition among your competitive sellers. As a result, you will be able to sell your products much faster and make a quick profit.
  • One can not sell the product without creating knowledge and awareness among the people. Hence, Google shopping ads are equally important. That is the reason why nearly 25% of Amazon sellers use Google shopping ads along with Amazon sponsor ads to promote their products.

How To Find Converting Keywords For Google Shopping and Amazon Ads?

It is important to invest considerable time deciding on the appropriate keywords to use in your ad group. You must be focused upon keywords that are relevant to your business, have a high level of buyer intent, and have a good search volume.  To estimate the volume of searches for potential keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool, as well as paid tools like Ahrefs or Semrush.

Be sure the keywords you select aren’t just relevant to your business but also related to each other. If you’ve got a broad variety of keywords you wish to target, it will be better to divide them into smaller groups of ads. adspyder’s competitor ad keyword checker tool can also help you a lot to find the most converting and profitable keywords for your particular category or niche.

Which Platform Is Better For Comparison Ad Customization?

Since there is a need for the seller to highlight their product among a huge number of people, Google provides more cool features to its sellers to customize their Google shopping ads.

Whereas in Amazon-sponsored ads the sellers have lesser options to customize their ads because there is a lesser for the sellers to target the audience inside the Amazon website since people pro-actively look for the product they want to buy. 


Ex.) If the seller is promoting a gaming laptop using Google shopping ads then there is a need for the seller to customize the ad to target the audience between the age of 15-30 years as well as to find and target the gaming enthusiast. Whereas for the seller using an Amazon-sponsored ad, there is no need to target the customers like Google since the amazon user is pro-actively searching for the gaming laptop on the amazon platform.


Comparison Of Google Ads and Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Comparison Of Google Ads and Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Which Is More Cost Effective?

The cost per click (CPC) is less with amazon sponsored ads when compared to google shopping ads because the number of competitive advertisers is very less on when Amazon’s platform when compared to Google search engine. The average CPC for amazon ads is around $0.89 whereas for Google shopping ads is around $1.50. 

On the other side, Amazon charges a commission for all sales. On average amazon charges, 13% of commission based on the type of product. Ex.) For shoes, amazon charges a 10% commission on each sale, and for Men’s T-shirts, amazon charges a 17% commission for each sale.

When it comes to cost both Google shopping ads and Amazon sponsored ads have pros and cons. Therefore, choose wisely based on your need to reduce your budget for promotion.

Which Is More Time Consuming?

Google shopping ads take lesser time when compared to Amazon ads because Google has a bulk editor with many automated editing tools where you can edit all your ads in a single shot, but in Amazon ads, there are no such features hence you have to edit and set each ad individually.


Brand Visibility

Google shopping ads have more brand visibility when compared to Amazon sponsored ads because the number of people visiting Google is huge compared to the Amazon website. Hence Google shopping ad is the best choice if you want to create brand awareness and visibility among a large number of people.


Keyword Targeting

It is easy to target customers using keywords in Amazon-sponsored product ad campaigns since you have the option of targeting particular keywords and search queries that help you to rank your product on top easily for the relevant searches. On the other hand, Google shopping ads do not have a direct keyword targeting option hence the only option is to use indirect methods like “Negative-keyword targeting” which is a little difficult process to set when compared to direct keyword targeting.

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