Most Captivating Linkedin Ad Campaigns 2024: Best Examples and Insights

Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024

In 2024, LinkedIn witnessed a wave of innovative advertising campaigns that redefined industry standards. From tech giants to rising stars, these top 15 campaigns showcased creativity and strategic brilliance. Discover how companies like HubSpot, Apple, and Google Play transformed their messaging on the professional platform. Additionally, companies like Dropbox ran a LinkedIn ad campaign for women’s empowerment. Let’s check out the 15 Most Captivating Linkedin Advertising Campaigns 2024.

1. Microsoft


Microsoft Advertising is showcasing the game-changing benefits of Copilot, their innovative tool for Generative AI, in one of the top LinkedIn advertising campaigns 2024. Backed by real-world stats from early users, this campaign provides a glimpse into how Copilot is transforming the coding experience. This top LinkedIn paid ad campaign from Microsoft emphasizes how AI can help improve productivity and workflow. Additionally, the ad highlights impressive statistics, revealing that 77% of users did not want to give up working with this tool.


  • Innovative AI Tool: Microsoft highlights Copilot, an AI-driven tool designed to enhance the coding experience.
  • Real-World Validation: The campaign leverages real-world statistics to demonstrate the effectiveness and user satisfaction with Copilot.
  • Focus on Productivity: Emphasizes the significant improvements in productivity and workflow facilitated by AI.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Increased Productivity: Copilot boosts coding efficiency, allowing developers to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • User Satisfaction: High user retention rate (77%) indicates strong satisfaction and reliance on the tool.
  • Workflow Enhancement: Streamlines coding processes, leading to more efficient and effective project completion.

Actionable Tips:

  • Leverage Real-World Data: Use actual user statistics to build credibility and showcase the effectiveness of your product.
  • Highlight Key Benefits: Focus on the primary advantages, such as productivity and workflow improvements, to attract interest.
  • Engage with Visuals: Incorporate visuals that illustrate Copilot’s functionality and the positive user experience.
  • Promote User Retention: Emphasize high user retention rates to demonstrate satisfaction and encourage new users to try the tool.
  • Offer Demonstrations: Provide opportunities for potential users to experience the tool through demos or trials.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn advertising campaigns in 2024 effectively highlight the transformative benefits of Copilot, backed by real-world statistics, and emphasize how AI can significantly improve productivity and workflow in the coding industry.


2. Deloitte: Leading Digital Transformation with “Connect for Impact”


Deloitte’s “Connect for Impact” campaign, recently showcased on LinkedIn, tells an inspiring story of their partnership with the International Olympic Committee. Together, they aim to digitally transform the Olympic movement, ensuring it remains vibrant and relevant in the future. This campaign highlights Deloitte’s belief in the power of collaboration, working hand-in-hand with clients, academic partners, non-profits, and governments to drive meaningful change. It’s a testament to how collective effort and innovative thinking can pave the way for remarkable transformations.


  • Partnership with the International Olympic Committee: Deloitte’s role in modernizing the Olympic movement showcases their commitment to digital innovation.
  • Collaborative Approach: Emphasizes the strength of working with diverse partners to achieve impactful results.

Statistics & Results:

  • Partnership Reach: Marked increase in engagement and interest in the Olympic movement through digital transformation efforts.

Actionable Tips:

  • Leverage Partnerships: Show how collaborations with well-known organizations build trust and showcase capability.
  • Showcase Transformation: Highlight real-world impacts and improvements brought by digital initiatives.
  • Engage with Content: Use engaging stories and visuals to bring the campaign’s success to life.
  • Collaborative Approach: Illustrate how teamwork and diverse perspectives lead to better project outcomes.

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3. Salesforce: Embracing AI for the Future of Marketing


Step into the future of marketing with Salesforce’s latest Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024, which showcases the transformative potential of AI. This forward-thinking initiative targets marketers eager to revolutionize their strategies by leveraging AI to optimize campaigns and personalize customer experiences. Salesforce’s vision emphasizes the essential role AI plays in modern marketing, offering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and enhance customer engagement. The campaign highlights real-world examples of how AI can elevate marketing efforts, making it a must-see for industry professionals ready to embrace the future.


  • Targeting Marketers: Focuses on marketers who are ready to innovate and transform their strategies with AI.
  • Transformative Potential of AI: Highlights how AI can optimize marketing campaigns and personalize customer interactions.
  • Visionary Leadership: Showcases Salesforce’s leadership in integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into marketing practices.

Statistics & Results:

  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: Significant improvements in campaign efficiency and customer engagement through AI integration.
  • Increased ROI: Marketers using AI reported higher return on investment and better resource allocation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Elevated levels of customer satisfaction due to personalized and timely interactions.

Actionable Tips:

  • Leverage AI: Showcase how AI can optimize and personalize marketing efforts to build credibility and demonstrate effectiveness.
  • Highlight Key Benefits: Emphasize the transformative impact of AI on marketing strategies and customer experiences.
  • Engage with Content: Use real-world examples and success stories to illustrate the practical benefits of AI in marketing.
  • Visionary Approach: Present AI as an essential tool for future-proofing marketing strategies and staying ahead in the industry.
  • Educational Content: Provide resources and guides on how to implement AI in marketing campaigns.
  • Interactive Demos: Include interactive demos or case studies showing AI’s impact on marketing performance.
  • Ongoing Support: Highlight Salesforce’s commitment to supporting marketers with AI training and continuous improvement tools.

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4. Adobe: Unveiling UK Holiday Shopping Trends


Adobe has made a significant impact with its top-performing LinkedIn ads, revealing an exclusive analysis of over four years of UK online shopping data using Adobe Analytics. The forecast is impressive: a staggering £24.1 billion in online spending is anticipated for this holiday season. Adobe’s campaign invites viewers to delve deeper into the shopping habits of UK consumers through their Holiday Shopping Trends Tracker. This initiative not only showcases Adobe’s expertise in data analytics but also provides valuable insights for businesses looking to understand and capitalize on holiday shopping trends.


  • Exclusive Data Analysis: Adobe leverages four years of UK online shopping data to offer in-depth insights.
  • Anticipated Spending: Forecasts a remarkable £24.1 billion in online spending for the upcoming holiday season.
  • Consumer Behavior Insights: Highlights the changing shopping habits of UK consumers.

Statistics & Results:

  • Impressive Forecast: £24.1 billion expected in online holiday spending, indicating robust market activity.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Four years of comprehensive data analysis underpins the forecast and consumer behavior insights.
  • Increased Engagement: Significant engagement on LinkedIn, driven by interest in Adobe’s analytical capabilities.

Actionable Tips:

  • Leverage Exclusive Data: Use unique data insights to attract and engage your audience, demonstrating your expertise.
  • Highlight Key Trends: Emphasize important trends and forecasts to provide value to your audience.
  • Engage with Interactive Tools: Encourage exploration of insights through interactive tools like Adobe’s Holiday Shopping Trends Tracker.
  • Showcase Expertise: Highlight your analytical capabilities and how they can benefit your audience.
  • Provide Clear Value: Ensure your content offers clear, actionable insights that businesses can use to optimize their strategies.
  • Visual Storytelling: Use compelling visuals and infographics to make data more accessible and engaging.
  • Ongoing Updates: Offer regular updates and insights to keep your audience informed and engaged with the latest trends.

5. Atlassian: Revolutionizing Work Management with Jira Work Management


In a recent LinkedIn ad campaign, Atlassian takes aim at the common challenges of working across multiple tools and team silos, presenting an opportunity to showcase its work management solution, Jira Work Management. Through their LinkedIn ad, Atlassian highlights the promise of Jira Work Management to deliver a superior project management experience. This innovative tool streamlines collaboration, making cross-functional projects feel effortless. With features designed to manage action tasks and track progress, Jira Work Management enables users to focus on what truly matters: delivering results.


  • Addressing Common Pain Points: Atlassian identifies and tackles the challenges of working across various tools and team silos.
  • Promotion of Jira Work Management: Seizes the opportunity to promote Jira Work Management as the solution to these challenges.
  • Superior Project Management Experience: Emphasizes the benefits of using Jira Work Management for streamlined collaboration and task management.

Benefits & Features:

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitates seamless collaboration across teams and departments.
  • Effortless Task Management: Simplifies action task management, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently.
  • Progress Tracking: Provides tools to track project progress and milestones, allowing users to stay on top of their work.

Actionable Tips:

  • Identify Pain Points: Understand your audience’s pain points and position your product as the solution.
  • Highlight Key Features: Emphasize the unique features and benefits of your product that address these pain points.
  • Provide Use Cases: Share real-world examples or case studies demonstrating how your product solves common challenges.
  • Offer Demonstrations: Provide demos or trials to allow potential users to experience the benefits firsthand.
  • Customer Testimonials: Incorporate testimonials from satisfied users to build trust and credibility.
  • Educational Content: Create resources or guides that help users make the most of your product’s features.

6. Hubspot: Empowering Startups with Lifetime Solutions


HubSpot recently launched a standout B2B LinkedIn ad targeting emerging startups, marking it as one of the best in the field. The ad centered around the unique opportunity for startups to secure a lifetime subscription to HubSpot’s comprehensive suite of tools and services. In a strategic move, HubSpot highlighted its significant impact on the UK startup ecosystem, underlining the fact that 1 in 3 UK unicorns relies on HubSpot for their success. Adding a touch of creativity, the ad’s visual appeal featured a charming unicorn, capturing attention and reinforcing HubSpot’s commitment to supporting startup growth.


  • Targeting Emerging Startups: HubSpot directs its ad towards startups, offering a compelling solution tailored to their needs.
  • Lifetime Subscription Opportunity: Positions HubSpot’s offering as a unique and valuable opportunity for startups.
  • Highlighting Impact: Showcases HubSpot’s influence on the UK startup landscape, reinforcing its credibility and relevance.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Comprehensive Suite of Tools: Offers startups access to a range of tools and services to support their growth and success.
  • Support for Startup Ecosystem: Demonstrates HubSpot’s commitment to empowering startups and contributing to their success.
  • Visual Appeal: Utilizes a visually engaging ad featuring a charming unicorn to capture attention and add personality to the brand.

Actionable Tips:

  • Know Your Audience: Understand the needs and challenges of your target audience to create tailored ad campaigns.
  • Highlight Unique Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the unique benefits and opportunities your product or service offers.
  • Leverage Social Proof: Showcase testimonials, case studies, or statistics to reinforce credibility and trust.
  • Inject Creativity: Use visuals and creative elements to make your ad memorable and stand out from the competition.
  • Offer Irresistible Deals: Provide exclusive offers or incentives to entice potential customers and drive conversions.

Through this approach, HubSpot effectively positions itself as a valuable partner for startups, offering solutions tailored to their needs and contributing to their growth and success.

7. Cisco: Protecting Connected Businesses


Cisco Secure, a renowned global leader in cybersecurity solutions, recently debuted a captivating video ad on LinkedIn with the bold tagline “If it’s connected, it’s protected.” This concise yet powerful message is designed to strike a chord with businesses, highlighting Cisco’s commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions for safeguarding all connected aspects of their digital infrastructure.


  • Global Cybersecurity Leader: Positions Cisco Secure as a trusted authority in cybersecurity solutions on a global scale.
  • Compelling Tagline: “If it’s connected, it’s protected” delivers a clear and impactful message, resonating with businesses concerned about cybersecurity.
  • Emphasis on Comprehensive Solutions: Highlights Cisco’s ability to address the security needs of every connected element within a business’s digital ecosystem.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions: Offers businesses peace of mind by protecting all connected devices, networks, and systems.
  • Trusted Protection: Establishes Cisco Secure as a reliable partner for safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure.
  • Clear Communication: Conveys a straightforward message that underscores the importance of cybersecurity in today’s interconnected world.

Actionable Tips:

  • Craft a Strong Tagline: Develop a concise yet memorable tagline that effectively communicates your brand’s value proposition.
  • Focus on Comprehensive Solutions: Highlight the breadth and depth of your product or service offerings to demonstrate their effectiveness.
  • Appeal to Audience Concerns: Address common pain points or concerns within your target audience to create resonance and engagement.
  • Utilize Visual Storytelling: Leverage compelling visuals or videos to enhance the impact of your message and capture audience attention.
  • Provide Clear Call to Action: Prompt viewers to take the next step by clearly outlining how they can learn more or engage with your brand.

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8. Apple


In the realm of top Linkedin Advertising campaigns 2024, Apple stands out with its compelling ads that showcase the transformative potential of their products. A recent standout campaign from Apple promotes the “iPad for School” initiative, shedding light on the versatility and functionality of iPads in educational settings. The ad highlights how iPads seamlessly integrate with various apps and services commonly used by educators, streamlining teaching processes and eliminating the need for multiple tools. This user-friendly approach not only enhances efficiency but also positions the iPad as a transformative tool that facilitates rather than complicates the educational experience.


  • Standout Campaign: Apple’s LinkedIn ads shine among the competition, showcasing the impact of their products in education.
  • Focus on Education: Targets educators and educational institutions, emphasizing the value of iPads in the classroom.
  • Highlighting Versatility: Demonstrates how iPads can adapt to different teaching methodologies and workflows, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Streamlined Teaching: Simplifies teaching processes by consolidating tools and resources into one device.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Boosts productivity for educators and students alike, allowing them to focus more on learning and less on logistics.
  • Transformative Technology: Positions the iPad as a powerful tool for driving innovation and engagement in education.

Actionable Tips:

  • Understand Your Audience: Tailor your ad campaigns to resonate with the specific needs and pain points of your target audience.
  • Highlight Versatility: Showcase how your product or service can adapt to different scenarios or use cases, emphasizing its flexibility and utility.
  • Focus on Benefits: Clearly communicate the benefits and value proposition of your offering, highlighting how it solves problems and improves outcomes.
  • Provide Social Proof: Incorporate testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers to build trust and credibility.
  • Engage with Visuals: Use visuals and multimedia elements to bring your message to life and capture audience attention.

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9. Slack: Accelerating Deal Closures with LinkedIn Ads

In a strategic partnership with Salesforce, Slack launched a series of LinkedIn ads aimed at expediting deal closures for sales teams. These ads highlight Slack’s pivotal role in enabling swift actions by granting instant access to crucial data, thereby contributing to timely deal closures. The accompanying banner, infused with creativity, deserves special mention. It effectively conveys the core theme of swiftly closing deals, featuring a handshake between two individuals, encapsulating the essence of top Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024.


  • Collaborative Strategy: Slack and Salesforce join forces to target sales teams, emphasizing the importance of efficient communication in deal closures.
  • Focus on Swift Actions: Highlights Slack’s ability to facilitate quick decision-making and access to essential information.
  • Creative Visual Representation: Utilizes a visually engaging banner to reinforce the campaign’s message and theme.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Enables sales teams to streamline communication and access critical data, leading to faster deal closures.
  • Improved Collaboration: Facilitates seamless collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page and can act swiftly.
  • Timely Decision-Making: Empowers sales professionals to make informed decisions promptly, optimizing the sales process.

Actionable Tips:

  • Partner with Complementary Brands: Collaborate with partners whose products or services complement your own, allowing you to reach a broader audience.
  • Emphasize Key Benefits: Highlight how your product or service addresses pain points and improves outcomes for your target audience.
  • Inject Creativity: Incorporate creative elements into your ad campaigns to make them more memorable and impactful.
  • Use Visual Metaphors: Utilize visuals that convey the core message and theme of your campaign, making it easier for viewers to understand and relate to.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Continuously monitor the performance of your ads and make adjustments as needed to optimize results.

10. ClickUp: Reveailing Business Strategies with “The PunchUp Report”


ClickUp recently unveiled “The PunchUp Report,” a comprehensive study highlighting the key strategies and investments made by top business leaders. The ad description sets the stage with a compelling statement: “We surveyed hundreds of business leaders worldwide to learn the key strategies and investments they’re making to succeed this year.” This concise message captivates LinkedIn’s professional audience, offering the promise of valuable insights into the playbook of successful businesses in challenging times.


  • Comprehensive Study: ClickUp conducts a thorough examination of business strategies and investments, positioning itself as an authority on industry trends.
  • Appeal to Professional Audience: Targets LinkedIn’s professional audience with a message that promises valuable insights and actionable information.
  • Promise of Valuable Insights: Sets clear expectations of providing actionable insights into the strategies of successful businesses.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Insightful Resources: Provides professionals with valuable information to inform their decision-making and strategy development.
  • Competitive Advantage: Offers readers a glimpse into the strategies employed by successful businesses, allowing them to adapt and thrive in competitive environments.
  • Thought Leadership: Establishes ClickUp as a thought leader in the industry, driving brand credibility and trust.

Actionable Tips:

  • Invest in Research: Conduct thorough research to uncover valuable insights and trends relevant to your target audience.
  • Craft Compelling Messaging: Use concise and compelling language to capture audience attention and communicate the value of your content.
  • Deliver on Promises: Ensure that your content delivers on the promises made in your ad messaging to maintain audience trust and engagement.
  • Engage with Audience: Encourage audience interaction and feedback to foster a sense of community and establish credibility.
  • Promote Thought Leadership: Position your brand as a trusted source of industry knowledge and insights to build brand authority and credibility.

Through “The PunchUp Report,” ClickUp effectively positions itself as a valuable resource for professionals seeking insights into successful business strategies, driving engagement and establishing thought leadership in the industry.

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11. Canva: Bridging Design and Non-Design Collaboration

Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024


Canva recently launched an innovative Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024 with a refreshing concept: bringing together design and non-design individuals to help companies grow. Their goal? To break down the barriers between these two groups, fostering seamless collaboration and making it easy for everyone to work together effectively. Canva positions itself as a game-changer in this space, facilitating smooth collaboration and propelling brands to new heights. It’s no surprise that this campaign earned a spot on our list of the best B2B LinkedIn ads.


  • Innovative Concept: Canva introduces a novel approach to collaboration by bridging the gap between design and non-design professionals.
  • Fostering Collaboration: Emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration in driving business growth and success.
  • Game-Changing Vision: Positions Canva as a transformative force in the industry, facilitating smooth collaboration and boosting brand performance.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlines collaboration between design and non-design teams, leading to more efficient workflows and better outcomes.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Encourages cross-functional collaboration, sparking new ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Brand Growth: Empowers businesses to elevate their brand presence and performance through effective collaboration and design.

Actionable Tips:

  • Identify Pain Points: Understand the challenges faced by your target audience and position your product or service as the solution.
  • Emphasize Benefits: Clearly communicate the benefits of collaboration and how it can drive business growth and success.
  • Highlight Unique Selling Points: Showcase what sets your brand apart and why customers should choose your solution over others.
  • Provide Examples: Use case studies or success stories to illustrate how your product or service has helped other businesses achieve their goals.
  • Encourage Engagement: Foster dialogue and interaction with your audience to build trust and credibility.

12. AWS: Scaling with AI Virtual Event


Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024

AWS (Amazon Web Services) recently launched an impactful LinkedIn paid advertising campaign, enticing businesses to attend a free virtual event centered on scaling with AI. The ad invites participants to explore how companies harness AWS’s extensive scale, capacity, and computing capabilities to foster significant innovation. With a clear call to action urging viewers to “Register now,” this campaign promises an insightful session that delves into the transformative power of AI in scaling businesses.


  • Strategic Event Promotion: AWS strategically promotes a virtual event focused on scaling with AI, targeting businesses interested in innovation and growth.
  • Highlighting AWS’s Capabilities: Emphasizes AWS’s vast scale, capacity, and computing prowess as key drivers of innovation and success.
  • Clear Call to Action: Provides a straightforward call to action, prompting viewers to register for the event and engage with AWS’s offerings.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Offers valuable insights into how AI can be leveraged to scale businesses and drive innovation.
  • Networking Opportunity: Provides attendees with the chance to connect with industry experts and peers, fostering collaboration and learning.
  • Brand Engagement: Strengthens AWS’s brand presence and engagement by offering educational and informative content to its audience.

Actionable Tips:

  • Targeted Promotion: Identify and target audiences interested in AI and innovation to maximize event attendance and engagement.
  • Communicate Value: Clearly communicate the value and benefits of attending the event to entice registrations.
  • Simplify Registration Process: Streamline the registration process to make it easy for participants to sign up and attend the event.
  • Follow-Up Engagement: Plan follow-up engagement strategies to nurture leads and further engage attendees after the event.
  • Track and Analyze Results: Monitor event performance metrics to gauge success and optimize future campaigns.

13. Google Play: Celebrating Developer Success Stories with “We are Play”

Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024

Google Play recently launched the “We are Play” Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024, aiming to celebrate the success stories within its developer community. One particularly compelling narrative from the campaign stands out: the journey of Sam, a developer whose initial creation on Google Play had an unexpected impact on the medical field. Sam’s story begins with the creation of a game over a few weekends, which he released on Google Play and somewhat forgot about. However, over the course of two years, Sam’s game became a valuable tool for medical professionals, with over 100,000 professionals utilizing it and studies indicating a positive impact on their performance. This unexpected success led Sam’s venture, now known as Level Ex, to evolve into a thriving company with over 100 employees.


  • Celebrating Developer Success: Google Play showcases the achievements of its developer community, highlighting impactful stories like Sam’s.
  • Narrative Engagement: The ad campaign employs storytelling to engage viewers and illustrate the journey of a developer from creation to success.
  • Unexpected Impact: Sam’s story demonstrates the unforeseen potential of creations on Google Play to make a significant difference in unexpected fields.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Inspiration: Provides inspiration to developers by showcasing the potential impact of their creations beyond initial expectations.
  • Recognition: Recognizes and celebrates the achievements of developers within the Google Play community.
  • Promotion of Innovation: Encourages innovation and creativity by illustrating the transformative power of developer creations.

Actionable Tips:

  • Highlight Success Stories: Share impactful stories of developers within your community to inspire and engage your audience.
  • Utilize Storytelling: Use storytelling techniques to humanize your brand and connect with your audience on a personal level.
  • Showcase Unexpected Impact: Highlight instances where creations have had unexpected and positive impacts, demonstrating the potential of your platform.
  • Encourage Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community among developers by providing platforms for sharing success stories and experiences.
  • Provide Support and Resources: Offer support and resources to developers to help them succeed and reach their full potential.

Through the “We are Play” campaign, Google Play effectively celebrates the achievements of its developer community and inspires others with stories of unexpected success and impact. With over 100,000 medical professionals utilizing Sam’s game, the campaign highlights the tangible impact that creations on Google Play can have in real-world scenarios.

14. SAP: Transforming Enterprises with Cloud ERP

Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024

SAP, a renowned leader in enterprise solutions, is garnering attention with its engaging LinkedIn ad campaign spotlighting its Cloud ERP tool. This top Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024 not only emphasizes the transformative impact on revenue and efficiency but also underscores its crucial role in sustainability. The ad extends an inviting proposition to its audience: “Catch a free demo – or get one customized,” showcasing a flexible approach that caters to the diverse needs of businesses.


  • Leader in Enterprise Solutions: SAP positions itself as a leader in the industry, offering solutions that drive transformation and innovation.
  • Focus on Cloud ERP: The ad campaign highlights SAP’s Cloud ERP tool, emphasizing its importance in driving efficiency and sustainability.
  • Flexible Approach: The proposition of a free demo or customized demo demonstrates SAP’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of each business.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Revenue Growth: SAP’s Cloud ERP tool enables businesses to drive revenue growth through enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Streamlines processes and workflows, resulting in improved productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Sustainability Enhancement: SAP’s solution contributes to sustainability efforts by optimizing resource utilization and reducing environmental impact.

Actionable Tips:

  • Tailor Offerings to Audience Needs: Offer flexible options that cater to the specific needs and preferences of your audience.
  • Highlight Transformative Impact: Showcase the tangible benefits and transformative impact of your product or service to attract interest and engagement.
  • Emphasize Sustainability: If applicable, highlight how your offerings contribute to sustainability efforts, resonating with environmentally conscious audiences.
  • Provide Opportunities for Engagement: Encourage audience interaction by offering free demos or customized experiences, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.
  • Follow Up: Follow up with leads generated from the campaign promptly, providing further information or support as needed to nurture them through the sales funnel.

Through its engaging LinkedIn ad campaign, SAP effectively communicates the transformative impact of its Cloud ERP tool, highlighting its role in driving revenue, efficiency, and sustainability for businesses. The flexible approach to demos caters to diverse business needs, enhancing audience engagement and interest in SAP’s offerings.

15. Dropbox: Empowering Women in Tech

Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024

In a standout move showcased in one of the best B2B LinkedIn ads, Dropbox is making a significant statement with its Women in Tech Summit ad campaign, placing a spotlight on the empowerment of women within their company. The ad campaign encourages viewers to visit its booth to explore life at Dropbox through their recruiters. Additionally, it extends an invitation to a Distributed Build at Scale session, promising exciting topics to be discussed.


  • Empowerment of Women in Tech: Dropbox emphasizes its commitment to diversity and inclusion by spotlighting women in tech through its ad campaign.
  • Recruitment Focus: The campaign strategically leverages LinkedIn to attract potential candidates by inviting them to explore opportunities at Dropbox’s booth.
  • Educational Session: Dropbox offers added value to viewers by inviting them to a session focused on Distributed Build at Scale, demonstrating thought leadership in tech.

Benefits & Impact:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: By highlighting women in tech, Dropbox showcases its dedication to creating an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Recruitment Opportunity: The ad campaign serves as a recruitment tool, attracting talent to explore career opportunities at Dropbox.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The Distributed Build at Scale session offers valuable insights and expertise, positioning Dropbox as a leader in tech innovation.

Actionable Tips:

  • Promote Diversity Initiatives: Showcase your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through targeted ad campaigns.
  • Engage with Potential Candidates: Use LinkedIn ads to attract potential candidates by inviting them to explore career opportunities.
  • Offer Value-Added Content: Provide educational sessions or workshops to engage with your audience and establish thought leadership.
  • Personalize Messaging: Tailor your messaging to resonate with specific audience segments, such as women in tech or tech enthusiasts.
  • Facilitate Easy Engagement: Make it simple for viewers to connect with your company or sign up for events by providing clear calls to action.


The landscape of top-paid Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024 has evolved significantly, with brands leveraging the platform’s unique features to engage with their target audiences in meaningful ways. The 15 most popular Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024 highlighted the diverse strategies employed by businesses to enhance brand visibility, generate leads, and foster professional connections. Want to awe your audience on the LinkedIn platform? Try AdSpyder and upgrade your advertising game with AI-assisted features such as ad copy generation, competitor ad analytics, ad optimization suggestions, and more. 




1. What were some key strategies used in the top Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024?

The top campaigns leveraged innovative approaches, focused on storytelling, and utilized AI and data analytics to enhance user engagement and target specific professional audiences.

2. How did Microsoft’s LinkedIn ad campaign stand out?

Microsoft’s campaign focused on showcasing the benefits of Copilot, their AI tool, using real-world statistics to highlight its impact on productivity and workflow.

3. What was unique about Deloitte’s Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024?

Deloitte’s campaign, “Connect for Impact,” partnered with the International Olympic Committee to digitally transform the Olympic movement, emphasizing collaboration and digital innovation.

4. What approach did Salesforce take in their LinkedIn advertising?

Salesforce highlighted the transformative potential of AI in marketing, targeting marketers ready to revolutionize their approach and personalize customer experiences.

5. How did Adobe use data in their LinkedIn advertising?

Adobe analyzed over four years of UK online shopping data to forecast trends and invited viewers to explore deeper insights into consumer habits.

6. What was the focus of Atlassian’s Linkedin advertising campaigns 2024?

Atlassian addressed common workplace challenges by promoting its Jira Work Management tool, which promises to streamline collaboration and project management.

7. How did HubSpot’s LinkedIn ad target startups?

HubSpot’s ad targeted emerging startups, offering a lifetime subscription to its suite of tools and services, emphasizing their impact on the UK startup ecosystem.

8. What message did Cisco Secure convey in their LinkedIn ad?

Cisco Secure’s ad emphasized comprehensive security solutions with the powerful tagline “If it’s connected, it’s protected,” targeting businesses to safeguard their digital infrastructure

9. How did Apple’s LinkedIn ad campaign promote iPads for education?

Apple’s campaign spotlighted iPads’ compatibility with various educational apps and services, positioning it as a user-friendly and efficient tool for educators.

10. What was the theme of Slack’s LinkedIn advertising with Salesforce?

The campaign focused on expediting deal closures for sales teams by highlighting Slack’s role in providing instant access to essential data.